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Sadr's militia did share operational and logistical elements with the Sunnis back in April of 2004 when both rose up against US forces. I should know, I was there! In a Shiite city in the Sunni Triangle. Interesting place.

Today, Sadr is fighting for a place at the Shia table, as well as the national one. Sistani, still the major player in Shia, and perhaps a Kingmaker, works to marginalize Sadr for personal and political reasons.

It's an interesting question whether Sadr will break from the Shia orthodoxy and re-contact his Baathist connections. While operationally it would work for both of them, the Sunnis could undercut the US and the Shiites, Sadr could gsain allies against Sistani, it is not in Sadr's long term interest. His position can only be to the religious right of Sadr's he can's support a constitutional arrangement that would help the Sunnis.

We'll have to see.

Comment Posted By John Byrnes On 27.08.2005 @ 15:59

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