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Meh. Registration fraud and actual voting fraud are not one and the same. I think you guys are conflating the two. Remember, people have to actually identify themselves when they show up to vote.

I just think that Obama has run a smarter campaign. Geez, if even a third of all the college kids that are for him vote, he'll win a landslide. The Obama campaign has even placed "billboard" ads in video games to appeal to young male voters. Let's see a Republican try something innovative like that. Not saying that they can't, but a McCain campaign would have never thought of it.

I remember back during the 2000 Republican primary race when John McCain would hold rallies at college campuses, accompanied with rock bands, free giveaways, etc. They even had kegs pumping out free beer. What ever happened to THAT John McCain?

Comment Posted By Jim On 14.10.2008 @ 12:31

I think one of the key things holding the GOP as a party back is that many view them as a backwards looking group, reminiscing on lost 'values' of a bygone era.

A new breed of GOP needs to arise that is future-focused, looking to leaders that represent a post-Vietnam era and Baby Boomer future. Most of the new voters today in their 20's and early 30's, like me, have absolutely nothing invested in the old culture wars of the 1960's and 1970's and Vietnam. We either were in diapers or not yet a glimmer in our parent's eye in that era.
Those battles, as far as I'm concerned are a big yawn. Who cares?

Tell me your vision of where you want to take the country in 2012-2016, and I'll listen. Take pointers from Gingrich; I don't always agree with him, but the guy has a brilliant mind. Many liberals even find some his proposed solutions on education and domestic and foreign policy, interesting (though he would make a horrible campaigner, he's better as an advisor).

For now, for 2008-2012, I'll vote for Obama, although I'm not all that thrilled with him either. I'm just curious to see what he does with four years in the White House.

Comment Posted By Jim On 13.10.2008 @ 14:48

Seriously, people need to take a breath and calm down. If Obama wins the Presidency (last I checked, ACORN didn't control the Electoral College), Republicans should counter a President Obama with better IDEAS. Hunh. Imagine that. Actual ideas.

Find a better candidate for 2012 that can win resoundingly. Note: a fire breathing conservative, i.e. Tancredo, does not get swing moderates.
Romney would have been good if he'd run as who he really is, a centrist Republican governor from a North East state. But he decided to put on a phony Rush Limbaugh persona, people sensed the phoniness, and he lost in the primaries.
Another good possibility is Jindal, a Catholic Republican governor of Indian descent that reflects an American with changing demographics. The guy is a great immigration success story. I think he'd make a great representative for a future focused, new generation Republican party.

Comment Posted By Jim On 13.10.2008 @ 13:49


The Left and Right bases have always been a bit kooky. Yeah, it's a bit unfair for the media to focus on the conservative kooks and ignore liberal kooks, but them's the breaks. There's no use crying about it. Geez, man up!

Anyway, I suspect at this point, McCain suspects his chances at winning aren't very good and what he'll be doing from this point on is protecting his legacy.

Also, conservatives shouldn't despair too much; from what I've been reading the past few days, rumors are that if Obama wins, he plans on appointing some conservatives to his cabinet, particularly for Defense. I heard some guy on the radio bring up Powell's name as Def. Sec.
That would not be a bad idea. At all.
It would be ironic for Republicans if a Left-of-center President ends up winning the War on Terror and crushing Al Qaeda.
One of the Sunday political news shows also brought up Obama maybe asking Robert Rubin or Lawrence Summers to return to head Treasury. Remember, Rubin is the one that handled the Asian financial meltdown with authority and aplomb in the late 1990's.

Comment Posted By Jim On 12.10.2008 @ 12:18


You guys are worried about electing a socialist to the White House? Hah! Guess what, he's already in there. Bush has nationalised the mortgage industry, the world's largest insurance company (AIG), is directly buying commercial paper (short term company debt), and is now looking at taking part ownership, effectively nationalizing banks.
Larry Kudlow, a Reagan conservative, publicly called for this on his show today. Bush and Paulson are heading there, following Great Britain's lead.

And you're worried about Obama being a socialist? Is there anything LEFT to socialize??

Comment Posted By Jim On 9.10.2008 @ 23:23

Holy Cow. The market just crashed!! Down -650 and counting...

Comment Posted By Jim On 9.10.2008 @ 14:48

Wether you guys like Obama or not, the Republic can survive four years of his administration (which is looking likely. The betting stats are wildly in his favor). The heavy breathing segment of the right that has fantasies of a Maoist takeover has gone to the funny farm. I'm no huge fan of Obama; I'm just likely voting for him because I want to see what the other party can do for a term. If he doesn't impress anyone, then he's out, like Carter.

If Republicans had a clue and wanted to win in a landslide in 2012, they'd woo their biggest ace up their sleeve: Colin Powell. Sure, he's not a modern neo-conservative in the Cheney-Rove-Kristol model. He's from the older, centrist school, more like a British Tory. He's a foreign policy and economic conservative, but he's not a social conservative. And you know what? We've had a social conservative in power for eight years and I've had enough of him.

Comment Posted By Jim On 9.10.2008 @ 10:54


Look, the economic recession is going to happen, no matter how many government interventions happen or whoever becomes President. This isn't the fault of just the GOP, but also the Dems, the Federal Reserve, SEC, big banks and individual consumers.

The main reason, even more than the housing bubble, was a world-wide credit bubble. The credit started in subprime housing loans, but spread to Alt-A loans and Option Arms, auto loans, credit cards (just look at Bank of America's announcement yesterday that customers have stopped paying their credit cards) and student loans. We're now just beginning to unwind from that and it's going to take a few years.

Everyone is trying to keep home prices from falling, but prices falling is exactly what needs to happen. Prices of homes have been artificially high for nearly a decade. They need to fall back down to late 1990's levels. So no matter who's President, Obama or McCain, guess what? We turned into Japan. Remember Japan and their 1990's 'lost decade' after the blowup of their own giant real estate and credit bubble? That's us now.

Comment Posted By Jim On 8.10.2008 @ 12:09


Like I said, I'm likely voting Obama, not that I'm crazy about him, just that I want to see what the party out of power does with four years in the White House.

But as a non-partisan, at a distance, it seems to me that McCain isn't even making the case to the public of what I think could be his BEST strategy to win: basically tossing Congressional Republicans overboard and saying, "Look, for all intents and purposes, Democrats are going to pick up more seats in the House and Senate since it's not a good year for the GOP brand in general. You want a guy, like me, John McCain in the White House because history has proven that divided government works best. It's the best form of checks and balances against either political party."

Comment Posted By Jim On 7.10.2008 @ 16:40

Just another quick note, all the markets: Dow, Nasdaq and S&P are down, as of today, to around mid to late 1990's levels. That means if you've been in the stock market, in some general fund or a 401K, you'd have dead money for the last DECADE.

(It isn't better when the world financial markets are also teetering on a cliff. And it matters, because our markets are tied, like it or not, to Asia and Europe. If they go down, and if they don't cut their own rates, we're going down too.)

So, people are just going to look at who's in the White House and they'll be pissed, fair or not. If McCain can tap into that public fear and anger, ***but without coming off us angry***, then he may have a shot. Right now he looks like Nixon running against Frank Sinatra (his easy swinging '60's Rat Pack era).
Obama's advantage now is that his demeanor is cool, calm and collected in the face of turmoil.

Comment Posted By Jim On 7.10.2008 @ 13:28

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