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I see your point, Rick, but tend more toward's Hugh's view. SInce character and judgment count, it's fair game to bring up Obama's ties to radical leftists. The problem as I see it is the timing.

I agree people are concerned about who's going to do what in order to stop the economic slide. And that is their central focus right now. Of course, it would be easier to paint Obama as untrustworthy on the economy if McCain had been taking this line earlier. If he had - say around convention time - the voters would have this in mind in deciding who to follow. Now, being down in the polls, the attacks do have an edge of desperation to them simply based on the realities today. Now, they've pretty much set sails.

That being said, I still think it's effective to go after these issues. McCain has a huge opportunity in the next two debates to put Obama on his back with this. I sense he's going to try. And, it will likely hit home with a lot of undecideds who aren't going to want to put a guy who's "palling around with terrorists" in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But Obama's best defense is a dismissive wave of the hand, mainly because this hasn't been an issue until now.

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You, know, the one I didn’t delete and thus made you look like a gigantic, foot stomping, tantrum throwing two year old?

Really? 'Cause he posted a wiki link that was on point? Your skin is so thin it is translucent. This is going to be a fun election season, for me, but not for the waaaaaaaaaaahmbulance. And the results in November will also be fun, for those of who are relishing a return to empirical thinking.

Comment Posted By Jen On 31.01.2008 @ 17:25

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