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"In response, I’ve gotten vague intimations of some kind of “Super-Federalism” that would transfer most of what the federal government does now to the states, or a “let them eat cake” attitude where many on the right wish to roll back not only LBJ’s Great Society, but also FDR’s New Deal."

Yes, so? In your own article you quote favorably a fellow who talks about Americans rising to the challenge when the situation and future course is made clear to them. Here you intimate that the 'political winds' blow too strongly for us ever to be rid of statism.

I believe, in contrast, that the American people - when the situation and both history and the future alternatives are made plain to them - that they will embrace freedom, and shun the welfare state.

But it will require a courageous commitment on the part of the new intellectuals to a comprehensive, consistent philosophy. That means, first and foremost, a total rejection of pragmatism, one half of the poisonous ingredients that have nearly killed the country over the past century.

If you think that's vague, you need to read more Rand.

Comment Posted By Jeff Perren On 13.02.2010 @ 11:17


The more interesting, and puzzling, question is why isn't Obama 10 points behind? Given his obvious leftward lean, even now with all his compromises and shifts, it's a scary reflection of a large percentage of the electorate that the two are basically neck and neck.

Granted McCain is a weak candidate, but clearly his instincts are often in the right direction, even though he's inconsistent and fairly inarticulate.

Comment Posted By Jeff Perren On 5.08.2008 @ 12:24


"No, the Democrats are not Nazis."

In terms of tactics, no (not yet). In terms of ideas, not very far off at all. Read the National Socialist platform statements in the early 30s and it would be hard to distinguish from the one of the Democrats in 1968, and things have only gotten worse on that side of the aisle over the past 40 years.

Comment Posted By Jeff Perren On 28.07.2008 @ 12:43

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