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Aw, damn, Rick. I'm real sorry about this, and I know how you must feel. Been there, done that, as they say.

Time helps, and the lousy feeling fades into nothing but good memories.

Hang in there.

Comment Posted By Jeff B On 24.12.2007 @ 17:27


WR said "Of course Harry Reid didn’t insult “the troops.” He made a comment on the performance of one of the highest ranking military officials in this country."

So you're not insulting a group when you insult it's leadership?

What a load of BS.

"I’m sure Peter Pace wouldn’t feel compelled to hide behind soldiers when someone criticizes him—why do you feel compelled to make the ludicrous claim that somehow criticizing the commanders is the same as attacking the soldiers on the ground?"

Here's the thing: If folks support the "chickenhawk" argument, and say that only those who have served in the military are justified to command the military, then it follows that only those who serve are justified to criticize.

And I don't think Sen Reid has served in the military.

Comment Posted By Jeff B On 16.06.2007 @ 11:38


I've always admired GB for their willingness to play in an outdoor arena, while some teams such as Atlanta, Houston, and other "southern" teams play in a dome.

Comment Posted By Jeff B On 3.12.2005 @ 18:29

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