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MA is proof that not just the tea partying conservatives are upset at the direction Obama is taking the country, but even those moderate-conservatives in MA are mad. The tea party movement is a manifestation of anger at government (today that government is Dem led) overreach and arrogance and profligate spending, not the creator of that anger (but, it's certainly given people comfort to express it, seeing that they are not alone).

While I suspected the anger was nearly universal, it's nice to see MA validates that.

Brown is a great GOP candidate from MA. He's likely the best us nutty right wingers could hope for from there. I agree, he won't do any "selling out." We know what kind of "conservative" he is. Just like Snowe/Collins, who are of similar ilk. We like to complain about them, but, like Brown, they're about as good as it gets for Maine.

Spector and Crist, though, would be different stories, as their states are certainly capable of sending more conservative candidates to the Senate. Some on the Right do need to understand that there are compromises we must make on the way to permanent majority status. Accepting the Snowes, Collins's, Browns, and ultimately Liebermans (I jest) as part of the GOP, if not as total players in the conservative movement, is surely part of that. As Reagan reminded, he who agrees with me 80% of the time is my friend.......

Comment Posted By Jay On 20.01.2010 @ 11:40


I was taken back 22 months to that same ICU complex in Dartmouth Hitchcock where my father spent his last moments. The doctors offered us many procedures, but little hope.

And so, rather than let him suffer, and despite his whispered plea that he didn't want to die there, we had no options offering any "quality of life."

At the heart of the matter is the following....medical technology can keep a broken body pumping blood infused, artificially, with oxygen, but the body fails in the end.

How do you want to die? Think about it. We all will die, and I have no wish to hurry it along, but is life without quality truly living? If you cannot recognize your children because you are in a drug induced coma so that you don't fight the machines, is that really living?

Of course, some would say yes, and I respect that, but durable powers of attorney and living wills do little to answer that question. They deal with brain death and no hope of survival. But what of just being worn out? And, honey, we're all going to wear out!

So I leave you with this. Talk about it. Talk about it before it's too late. It's painful, but the alternative, trying to remember snippets of conversation about not wanting to live if you can't enjoy life....THAT is painful. Talk about it, and talk about it with the people who matter to you.

Once you've done that, then write it down. There are many ways to die. And if you can't speak to your wishes, you will need trusted family and friends to do it for you.

Talk about it.

Comment Posted By Jay On 23.11.2009 @ 14:59


Beck is serving a purpose though by drawing needed attention to a large segment of our country who aren't buying the whole hope and change BS.I agree he is also making us all look a little kookier than we really are:).We need to redefine what is important, if a side show hawker is the beginning of a conservative awakening then I'm for it.Showbiz worked for the dusky hooligan in office now, didn't it? You write very well,keep up the good work.

Comment Posted By Jay On 8.04.2009 @ 10:37


By the time I reached adolescence in the 70's, I had been thoroughly "indoctrinated" by my parents, both staunch Republians, to ignore the color of a person's skin and and treat them as an equal - essentially to be color-blind. When Political Correctness arose, along with it's principle of Celebrating Diversity, it's message was contrary to how I'd been raised. I never remotely considered myself a racist - quite the opposite. But now I was being told by the left that I was supposed to focus on the race of others in order to be "diverse," which struck me as nothing short of blatant racism itself. I was quite liberal in my views at the time, as most foolish young people tend to be, but this was the one thing that made me question those views and eventually come to understand what my parents had believed all along. I've been a staunch Republican myself ever since.

For a liberal to call me a racist is like the pot calling the kettle black, so to speak (tongue firmly in cheek!).

Comment Posted By Jay On 4.08.2008 @ 13:11


Are we fooling ourselves with wishful thinking or do you have faith in your own analysis?

I'd put Fred's odds of finishing 1st at 20-1. Finishing second at 3-1. And third at 2-1.


Comment Posted By Jay On 17.01.2008 @ 14:54

Do you think Romney skipping the state will have any impact?

Comment Posted By Jay On 17.01.2008 @ 14:31


"I don’t want a “new” America, I want the America designed by Franklin, Adams, Madison, Jefferson and the rest of the signers of the Declaration of Independence."

Exactly! Rick has lost his mind if he's serious with his B.O. love-fest. The guy is an empty suit, to the nth degree. He will be destroyed in the Clinton machine or at the latest, republicans, who will showcase his looney views and his shady muslim past.

Comment Posted By Jay On 7.01.2008 @ 16:17


Actually, Newt is in Fred's corner. He said he would only run if Fred didn't.

Comment Posted By Jay On 11.09.2007 @ 14:08


The title of this post was particularly intriguing to me, in that I had the same question rise to the forefront of my mind just last week, as I sat watching the Twilight Tattoo on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.( For those that might not know, as I did not until visiting our nation's capital, the "Twilight Tatoo is an hour-long sunset military pageant that features Soldiers of the 3 rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) troop units and ceremonial units – The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps and The U.S. Army Drill Team; The U.S. Army Band Blues jazz ensemble, vocalists from The United States Army Chorus and The U.S. Army Chorale." that is performed May through June annually. If interested, more information can be found here:

My apologies for the length of my digression! It was during this performance that I noticed what, to me, was a curious thing. The Army vocalists sang a number of songs near the beginning of the Tattoo, in a variety of genres from around 1970 to present day, most of with which the audience sang along. Interestingly enough, the audience of several thousand was mostly comprised of middle and high school students (who were apparently on school trips, as their school names were announced during the performance), most of whom knew the lyrics to everything, even the “oldies” from the seventies (being in my forties, it’s the music I grew up with, and so should rightfully be called classic rock, but…), as was evidenced by their joining together with most of the crowd in singing enthusiastically. Later in the Tattoo, after the Drill Team and soldiers dressed in every uniform of the Army from the Revolution to the present day had performed their parts, the vocalists came back to sing a medley of songs including the songs associated with each branch of the military and other patriotic songs from My Country, ‘Tis of Thee to The Star Spangled Banner. That’s when I noticed that the vast majority of the kids in the audience weren’t singing along. It wasn’t that they were acting disrespectfully – as each service theme was sung, service members and their families in the audience stood for recognition and the students were respectful – rather, they seemed lost, as if they had never been exposed to the songs before. I must say that the exception to this was, thankfully, the national anthem. It was thought-provoking, to say the least.

So, now I wonder, is it pervasive throughout the younger generation? These school groups came from all over the nation, Alaska to Texas to Delaware. Is it that, as you suggested, schools focus on teaching anything but American patriotic music? Do schools avoid these songs because they “glorify militaristic values” and might just mention God? When did parents stop sharing these traditional songs with their children? Have they lost their relevancy as our ability to listen to virtually any form of music at any time has increased (not that I am anti-technology in any way… my iPod and laptop go with me most places!)? What does our failure to pass along these traditions that bind us together as a society presage for our nation?

Comment Posted By Jay On 14.06.2007 @ 17:35


Hopefully her health has not turned for the worst. It would be an honorable opportunity for him to bow out, and if her health has turned for the worst he probably should. He should probably focus his time and energy with her and not on a campaign. If her health is getting worse and he were to become President, as unlikely as that is, his attention on the Nation's problems would be greatly hampered by this.

Comment Posted By Jay On 22.03.2007 @ 07:19

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