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Jack... you hit some good themes... for the DAILYKOS website. Take your uber-liberal talking points and STFU. National ID Cards were passed? Where is mine, I want one. You know who gets the most nervous about the "random searches" you talk about? Those who have something to hide.

What if you've been fooled by George Soros and, and rather than admit it, you'd rather continue to tear down the greatest nation on earth.

Will you be proud to tell your children and grandchildren that you blindly hated the President? That you believed all the absurd propaganda being spewed from Liberals mouths and continue this hatred because you thought Saddam wasn't a threat?

Don't believe me? Google Halabja... countless thousand of innocent people are DEAD. The are dead because Saddam was a threat. How many chemical attacks have occured since Saddam's removal? Had we not gone in, the number in Halabja could be 50-60 times that number.

Of course, via google you can find some left wing links that try to claim we're not justified to be in Iraq and liberate 25 million people, and you can go troll on more conservative websites, trying in vain to argue that Saddam would never do anything to harm our soldiers or anyone else. Or you can wake up.

Which takes more courage? To blindly hate the President and believe the Liberal talking points, or to support our Nation, President and cause, even if your liberal friends might not think it's cool?

Think, and then reply.

Comment Posted By Jay from Vegas On 26.08.2005 @ 12:57

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