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Major media polls (including gallup) have consistantly shown 40-50% of the public wants full congressional investigations into intellegence before Iraq, and 9/11.

I was glib to lump energy policy in the list as I haven't actually seen a poll on the question--but given current gas prices, I would not be surprised if it polled a lot higher than Lewinski investigations and Clinton impeachment which never rose above 25% in public support.

However, you ignored my point, which is that the American public still associates abuse of investigative authority with the Rebublican party, and as such, members of that party would be foolish to run against a "culture of investigation."

I'm not a republican or a democrat, but 5 years ago, I used to say "at least the Republican party has a set of beliefs, the democrats don't stand for anything"; now, I'm pretty convinced that the Republican party only cares about political victory--they are utterly immoral, ruthless, and dishonest--and I think people who believe in conservative values are fools to support them.

Comment Posted By Jason Maxfield On 31.05.2006 @ 18:48

Two comments:

First, I don't think the stationary office will need to order any more veto pens, if they got any to begin with they're still around.

Second, running against a "culture of investigation" is a wash--the public memory still associates Republicans with Ken Star, Whitewater, Vince Foster, White House Travel Office, Secret FBI files in the west wing, and about 50 other investigations that tied up government for years. And polls show far greater numbers of Americans want investigations into Iraq, 9/11, and energy policy negotioations than ever cared about the topics of most of the Republican investigations.

Comment Posted By Jason Maxfield On 31.05.2006 @ 16:44

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