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An Honorable Memorial Day To All:

> Is the war effort going to be further undermined
> because of the actions of 13 out of the hundreds
> of thousands of honorable men and women who have
> sacrificed so much, given so much, endured so much
> in this cause?

It's more than disingenuous for war critics to latch on to the crimes of a renegade group of soldiers or civilians. For good or ill, these are human beings, not robots (as many anti-war folks sincerely regard soldiers), and incidents like this must be exacted in any war. A direct and truthful way to counter a backlash is to exact unabashed comparisons. During Russia's Afghanistan War, exterminating entire villages (untold tens of thousands) was virtual policy to rout insurgents -- with nary a peep of protest or ill will from the Western press or "Peace/Green/Humane" organizations. On this Memorial day, it amazes me of the oversight of both Iraq supporters and anti-war folks on the mercifully low price we've paid in this war to liberate over 50 million people. General Eisenhower and Churchill would've given their eyes and limbs to've conquered Nazi Europe with "only" less than 4,000 casualties and without blasting half of Europe's forever lost historical landscape to dust.

Yes, war is hell and a hell of a solution, but too often there are no alternatives but slavery or a grave. There some problems you can't wish Mother Nature to make better and "go away."

James Greenidge

Comment Posted By James Greenidge On 29.05.2006 @ 13:08

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