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American Soldier Said:
Strange, “in_cog_ni_to’s” “visceral” anger hasn’t yet prompted him to take his furious little self to the airport for a one-way trip out of the country he hates.

Jackass Spotter says:
That's because other countries won't let people just move on in like we do. Our communities have changed from safe quiet neighborhoods to “single family homes that house 10-20 people who don’t care to speak the national language. People don’t understand me in my own country when I go to stores. You people are blinded by the government and don’t see the wars that are going on in our own towns. Exposing them just makes them cover their tracks even more. It’s not even just about the oil. Bush’s racist masterminds of thievery will rip off anybody any way they can. Iraq only provides us with 10% of our oil. Most of it comes from Canada. How come we haven’t invaded them yet? Bush will outsource the entire country until there are only the rich in castles and the poor that beg at the foot of the Whitehouse steps like in medieval times. We will become an entire country of slaves.

Comment Posted By Jackass Spotter On 22.02.2006 @ 16:48

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