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Don't forget to mention your friends at Blogs4Bauer...or Jack will cut your eyes out.

Comment Posted By Jack Bauer On 2.02.2006 @ 15:00


shared residence/shared computor

diamond has gotten me out of many scrapes when Tony couldn't be reached. Also when you need a dirty job done, none's better then diamond. Don't know excatly who diamond is, seems to come and go when ever but it's amazing that diamond is there when I need cover, help, backup, false documents, visa, flu shots and where a good lay is in South America. All I know is that I wouldn't of survided the Fountainhead job in '93 if it wasn't for diamond. By the way, diamond hates the big D, says the little d makes one strive to better oneself. There was the time in '89.....sorry, goin' DARK

Comment Posted By Jack Bauer On 30.01.2006 @ 19:25

This is funny. What would Jack do? Most times I don't even know myself!
Let me introduce myself, I'm Jack Bauer, former Special Forces and CTU Agent. I have been reading with much amusement in my spare time, which isn't much since a couple of Sundays ago, all sorts of blogs regarding my exploits. Ankleb itingpundits and JustOneMinute amoung others. This RightWingNutHouse seens to attract thoughtful postings regarding politics, sports and my chosen line of work.
Pray for Tony, he's still down in recovery and reports are good but it will be awhile before we know what extend the head injury will impair him, if any. Tony and Michelle left CTU and tried to make a new life together away from all the violence. The attemt on his life was senseless, apparently I had already been taggged as President Palmer's shooter. sorry, goin' DARK for now

Comment Posted By Jack Bauer On 30.01.2006 @ 19:04

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