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ricky - We have not had a "battle" yet. A bunch of people standing around making noise does not constitute a battle. They can stand aroud all they want. Their physical presence here does not guarantee them money or benefits. If we take measures to fine their employers who do not use our new Social Security database, they will have no jobs. No jobs, no money, no food, no benefits. What will they do then? Get violent? There are 50 million Americans who are waiting for them to do just that. Guess what happens then.

If we gave them the land, that would only get them resources, not jobs. And yet their country has abundant resources already, more than ours in some cases. They would turn the area it into an economic wasteland. They need us, they need what we do, and how we do it.

Comment Posted By JRoland On 3.05.2006 @ 15:32

MarkJ, you are correct. If we were to legalize it, that doesn't make it better. It still does as much damage, maybe more.

An approach that may avoid certain erroneous criticisms: Opportunities in the U.S. should be equally available to those in friendly countries. Citizens of Mexico should not try to crowd out others in the world who are far more desperate than they are, with much less chance of fixing their own country. Of course, the U.S. can only assimilate so many people, there would therefore be qualifications and limits. The needs of the country would be considered first. What would we have to offer them if we lost it?

The 14th Amendmentment should be adjusted through whatever effective means to require that ones parents be citizens before birth makes citizenship automatic. This is th 21st centtury, not the 19th. There are 6 Billion people on the planet, and a population greater than the world's total in the 19th century is added every 10 years and accelerating. We can not ignore this. We must adjust to it. Many other countries have this parent citizen requirment. Mexicos laws regarding immigration are far stricter than ours.

The Social Security database should be developed. Employment requirements must adhere to all relevant labor laws. Taxes, benefits, unions, the works. No slave class living 20 to a room. No liberal can claim to advocate that openly.

But of course, the market would adjust to whatever. If no one came, we would still eat fruits and vegetables, just like we are still speeding around in our SUVs with gas at $3/gal.

Comment Posted By JRoland On 3.05.2006 @ 15:17

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