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I guess you are the one who can't read. I was referring to this remark, and attempting to indicate that there is no basis for calling Marin's legitimate questioning as biased.

"Karl at PW also notes the Chicago cadre of reporters – most notably from the Sun Times – who tried to hold Obama’s feet to the fire yesterday but were dismissed in Marin’s case as trying to promote some kind of personal agenda.

Karl notes Marin’s bio where she quit NBC 5 because they hired Jerry Springer to give “commentary” on the news. Marin’s resignation (and co-anchor Ron Magers threatened resignation) doomed Springer’s run at WMAQ to 4 days."

Comment Posted By JO Chicago On 5.03.2008 @ 16:04

Springer???????? Agena??????Come on, Barack was a nobody when that happened and it has nothing whatsoever to do with this. Carol Marin is one of the most experienced and principled political journalists in Chicago.

I guess when I point out that she's a first class journalist you interpret that as criticism? Or highlight the Springer episode to show her character and integrity?

What an idiot.


Comment Posted By JO Chicago On 5.03.2008 @ 15:31

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