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I am not a smoker, but I agree with your post. I am tired of the anti-smoking Nazi's. I find it offensive that if you own a bar or restaruant and want to allow smoking, that you can't just allow smoking because a non smoker wants to come to your restaurant, but does not like smoking.

According to the WHO there is no proven link between second hand smoke and increased risk of disease.

Comment Posted By illinois conservative On 2.04.2009 @ 14:34


1. The amount of negative articles about Palin was staggering. Newsmax did a recap of the AP stories on Palin for September thru October. Around Seventy percent were negative. What person new to the national political scene could survive that?

2. I saw an article on how Dan Qualye's handlers ruined him (I think it was in it was the American Spectator)and warned that Palin needed to be careful not to let the same thing happen to her. It appears The Spectator may have been on to something.

If Mccain had let Sarah be Sarah perhaps things might be different for her now, even in defeat. Unfortunately, we will never know.

Comment Posted By Illinois Conservative On 6.11.2008 @ 22:19


It seems to me that we are near the end of the great American experiment in self governance. As Ben Franklin was alleged to have said "we have given you a Republic, if you can keep it." The founding fathers knew that without the power to tax the income of the people, government growth would be restrained. We decided that times had changed and that the government needed an income tax. It has taken 95 years to reach this point and history shows that there is no turning back. Once a government has the power level that the American people are about to give it history shows that the government takes on a life of its own.

The fundamental problem that the Conservative movement will always have is that we do not view Government as the solution to all problems, so most do not seek carreers as elected representatives. Liberals believe all human problems can be solved with the right government program.

Democrats see the Constitution as limiting their ability to solve all of societies problems. Democrats see the Constituion as a living document meant to change with the times which renders the limits on the Government contained in the document as meaningless.

Who is going to get elected promising less Government when the opponent says vote for me and I will raise your neighbors taxes to pay for you needs?

Comment Posted By Illinois Conservative On 4.11.2008 @ 20:50

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