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Lying under oath is a crime. Doesn't matter if you claim it's about a personal sex matter, or if that's just a front for the real reason (avoiding liability in a lawsuit). It is a crime. And presidents get impeached when they commit crimes.

Clinton was a liar and a crook. Accept it and move on.

Comment Posted By Hyman Roth On 13.10.2008 @ 12:41

No dynamite in my teeth. Nice strawman argument though; sounds like something a Clintonite would say.

Since when is "telling the truth" the same thing as "jumping off a cliff with dynamite in my mouth"? I guess if I was addicted to losing and wallowing in self-pity, I might abandon all hope, roll over, bite the pillow and "think of England" while the Democrats have their way with America. The Republicans in congress have that tactic down cold.

I am not a traitor. I am not planning on trying to overthrow the elected government. Nor will I invent scandals in order to blame democrats for them. Those are things that Democrats do.

But I am not going to play nice while I am used as a doormat. It's the golden rule: people treat you as they want to BE treated. They asked for it, they are going to get it. A microscope on every action and decision, a bullhorn for every complaint.

While I admire Rick's principled stand, I could say the same thing about Neville Chamberlain. Nice pretty words, admirable sentiments, but reality is going to rain on your parade.

@ Hugh, WHOSE taxes did Bush 41 sign into law? Democrat-authored taxes, perhaps? Because Bush was too nice to say no.

If the sheeple want a liberal president, they are going to get one in spades. But I won't support him.

Buck Fipartisanship.

Excuse me but what article are you talking about? Nice? ME? Are you kidding? Surely you didn't read what I wrote. See Bald Ninja's comment below. Those are exactly my sentiments.

There is a difference betweenfor standing up for your principles, going after your opponents - hard, and fighting tooth and nail for what you believe and rolling over as you so dramatically write. Where do you see in my article that I advocate "rolling over?"

And you accuse ME of setting up a strawman? The fact that what I was alluding to went right over your head - the idea that your way lies destruction - makes me think your reading comprehension skills need a little work.


Comment Posted By Hyman Roth On 13.10.2008 @ 12:37

While the temptation exists to "be the better man" and let oneself be stabbed in the back and kidney-punched rather than win the contest, I am done with being a doormat for liberals.

Being nice got Bush 41 a one-term presidency. Being nice got Bush 43 a reputation as a dunce and lost him most of his conservative support. Incoherent "bipartisanship" in congress lost republicans their majority.

An addict won't change until they hit rock bottom. Liberalism won't go away until the majority of Americans see the real results of liberalism. Being nice and letting liberals lie cheat and steal without consequence might just get Americans killed (Iran policy, for example).

Some policies SHOULD fail. Being president doesn't mean that one is always right.

If he is (s)elected president by ACORN, Obama can expect the same treatment that Bush 43 got.

Be a doormat if you want. I choose another path.

Allow me to light that stick of dynamite you've got firmly clutched between your teeth before you jump over the cliff.


Comment Posted By Hyman Roth On 13.10.2008 @ 10:37

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