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Yeah, Obama's a "new kind of Politician." Please. A politician from the Chicago democrat machine (that alone should preclude him from any serious considerations) who is the most strident ideologue on the left side of the aisle. That's really change we can believe in. I could hardly wait for the "Winnie the Pooh Doctrine" of foreign policy and the reincarnation of the Carter presidency under the hypothetical Obama presidency....the Misery Index was sweeeet.

And here we go with the lefties with their meme of the day Palin's not very bright. Of course, the left has that towering intellect who is Joe "the plagiarist" Biden as their VP pick. I don't know know whether to start with his pathological lying, his proclivities for plagiarization, his racist views, or the fact that he's been on the wrong side of so many winning positions during his ancient term in Congress (boy, another real pick for change and hope).

You lefties keep tearing down Sarah. We love that she has you guys so bound-up you can't even see straight. Keep pissing and whining Michael and James, it'll give you guys some consolation as you continue to circle the drain.

Comment Posted By Hoss On 15.09.2008 @ 20:58


" live among us and indoctrinate our youth as a college professor."

Like he's the only one, or did you skip college. Only someone on the left could get so uppity defending a domestic terrorist like Ayers. Or, maybe you'd like to try and refute the charge that he is/was a domestic terrorist.

What I find incredible is that Obama has shown, in his brief political career, the kind of horrendous judgment that it takes the typical leftist thirty years in the Senate to accomplish.

Comment Posted By Hoss On 22.08.2008 @ 21:01


The most striking and, seems to me, unnoticed inconsistency in Obama's speech and in his relationship with Wright is this: he promises to heal wounds and unify us all, while he has apparently and dramatically failed (if he has even tried, which he never alludes to) to do so for (a) his pastor, mentor, and long-time friend, and (b) the several thousand members of his church family, and (c) his own wife and grandmother, among others (including apparently many within his campaign). If his family, church, pastor, and campaign are models of the kind of unity he hopes to effect on a much larger scale in our nation and world....uh, no thanks.

Comment Posted By Hoss On 20.03.2008 @ 14:05

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