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You make strong men and women and steel in the same way. You hammer the impurities out of them. As Jackson1925 you may understand that is the year of my birth. During the depression my parents somehow hept us in food and shelter. At one time, dried butterbeans grown in a back yard garden, corn bread and some milk were a staple at our meals. Try feeding thst to your children for two or three days.

The nations problem can be identified with one word. Corruption. From the ffederal congress, the buracracy at every level down to the city. Consider that since WWII we have had more prosecutins of correct officials than I can recall from my reading and study of history. Senator Dodd (D)exemplifies the group along with Congress Cunningham (R).

Congress brought this mess upon us. Both parties are guilty. Liberals set up the suvprime loans and we are eating their dust.

We need change and I hope and pray that our president will knuckle down and provide that change. I am concerned about his methods and fear for the nation.

As to General David H. Petraeus, I think he would make a fine president. Jackson1925

Comment Posted By Henry Stringfellow On 24.03.2009 @ 16:24


When good men and women stand by and do nothing, evil will prevail. (Some one else said this. The general public has no comprehension as to what life would be in a totally controlled federal socialist government. They should ask some of the present Cuban people. What should be known is that the elite of the socialist government all live high. The rest just try to live. Too bad we have decided that freedom is too much a problem. Let the government take care of us.

Comment Posted By HENRY STRINGFELLOW On 23.02.2008 @ 16:14


This was a great article. That is the reason I come to this web site. Thank you sir.

Comment Posted By Henry Stringfellow On 6.06.2006 @ 22:45

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