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The fires that remained were pretty small and localized, and couldn’t have heated very much steel.
How did you arrive at that conclusion?
- Well, there are pictures of people leaning out of the jagged gash in the side. There's a firefighter saying there are small fires he thinks could be put out with two (water) lines. After the bulk of the jet fuel burned off in the first fireball, the only fuel left was office furniture, carpets, and a small amount of jet fuel. There was dense black smoke, indicating low temperature and lack of oxygen.

Like all “Truthers”, you’re selectively hearing and misrepresenting how the collapse occurred.
- Sorry, I was just trying to paraphrase the explanation Troll feeder gave. I'd like to hear a coherent explanation that doesn't involve something like NIST's "and then global collapse occurred."

Regarding the concrete – it actually did serve a structural purpose – it stabilized the columns in the horizontal plane, much like the wooden beams of a brick building. And once the concrete of each successive floor shattered, it added to the weight crashing down on the rest of the building.
- Okay, but a weight-driven collapse would take more than ten seconds. And it would have left a huge pile of rubble and some of the core steel structure, not neatly cut steel and dust. And it wouldn't have blown massive pieces of steel hundreds of feet sideways to lodge in adjacent skyscrapers. And there's no mechanism for it starting suddenly after an hour of diminishing fires.

Comment Posted By Hans On 22.08.2007 @ 20:00

Reply to 43 (and 87)

Okay first off you're assuming that because the fire burned above 1000 deg F, the steel heated to 1000 deg F, and over a significant area. Most of the jet fuel burned off in the first minutes - the first couple seconds, really, and mostly outside the building. The fires that remained were pretty small and localized, and couldn't have heated very much steel.

Let me see if I understand what you're saying. The towers collapsed because the beams and joists expanded from the heat, buckling themselves or the columns, and eventually causing the 47 core columns to give way. All the way down a thousand feet. In ten seconds.

The core columns were designed to stay standing, and hold immense weight. Buckling joists and beams wouldn't have much effect on the much bigger columns. Even if all the beams and floors and exterior columns fell away, the core would remain.

Even if all the columns were cut at one level, ask an engineer what would happen. The top would either topple off, or fall a couple floors and get lodged in the core columns. The core columns wouldn't spontaneously fall apart. They were heated on, at most, a couple floors.

As for the "fire-rotted concrete" - the concrete wasn't structural, in the sense of holding up the building. It could be pulverized (as it was) and the steel structure should still remain.

Comment Posted By Hans On 22.08.2007 @ 15:40

9/11 was an inside job, it's clear to anyone with an open mind. Skyscrapers don't spontaneously explode; jet fuel doesn't melt steel; those buildings were designed to be hit by planes; everything was reduced to dust, not "pancaked"; eyewitnesses and news reports speak of numerous secondary explosions, all the way to the basement. The truth is painful, yes, but we have to acknowledge it and deal with it constructively.

Comment Posted By Hans On 22.08.2007 @ 12:27


Ahhh, now I see. The paperwork need was to federalize New Mexico troops so that they could be deployed outside of the NM state borders and go to New Orleans.

Guard troops cannot be deployed outside of their home state unless Federally controlled. That makes much more sense.

Comment Posted By Hans On 7.09.2005 @ 11:18

What I really want to know is, why would a State Governor wait for paperwork from Washington to activate National Guard troops? ANY Governor has full authority to activate those troops, and can do so on their own without Federal permission.

These troops take time to locate, gather, prepare and deploy... even if they were alerted 24 hours before the storm I feel, from experience, that the reaction time was quite fast for the number of troops deployed.

Comment Posted By Hans On 7.09.2005 @ 11:07


Just when I thought I couldn't get any madder about this..

I'm now madder. Much madder.

Comment Posted By Hans On 29.03.2005 @ 01:41


Yess.. I knew it. Mujahudine without borders? This whore is bout to get what she deserves. A world wide fisking.

great blog.

Comment Posted By Hans On 11.03.2005 @ 15:09

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