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It's a good thing Rove and the Boaters weren't against "idiocy" when they sunk Kerry.

You guys are all getting pretty pussy if you ask me.

Comment Posted By George Appleby On 20.12.2006 @ 10:39

Oh great, now Moran is an Obama apologist. What's next, you and John Cole are buying cowboy hats and going to start working on your line dancing? If the right had taken the line you're taking now in 2004 we'd now be looking at a President Kerry.

Suddenly the rats think they're just too good for the Swift Boat.

Comment Posted By George Appleby On 20.12.2006 @ 09:45


Obviously Smith is deranged. There can be no doubt that the might of our country under the glorious rule of George W. Bush is greater than it has ever been. From our decisive victories in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the hopes of the Iranian people for our impending liberation of their oppressed land, we are the light that shines for the freedom billions long to have.

I hear there are a couple of cells available down in Gitmo these days. Wouldn't that be a good destination for those freedom haters who so unwisely open their stupid mouths and spew such nonsense?

Comment Posted By George Appleby On 20.12.2006 @ 06:28

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