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I'm an odd sort of duck. I prefer to read the actual words of the Constitution and abide by those specifically and literally. I don't want to know what someone else thinks they "mean" and I don't want any moron to start talking about how the Constitution is a "living document" which is just liberalspeak for screwing around with the most basic law of our land.

Re the Constitution - it is what it is. It's the basis of our REPUBLIC (not democracy to those pinheads who insist on calling it such).

Our current president is rapidly carving out a niche for himself as unarguably the absolute worst president in the history of the Republic - against some touch competition (James Earl Carter, Jr. comes to mind together with Warren G. Harding). I don't think he has committed any impeachable offenses so far, but he can be constrained by the election of an opposition in both the House and the Senate. The removal of the Botox Queen and the Cadaver from power would go a long way towards protecting our land!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 26.08.2009 @ 08:43


There isn't much that the Left can do that I would defend. However, this seems pretty over-the-top, even for those brainless sissies!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 24.08.2009 @ 13:47


Besides, I'm a practicing Catholic. We don't DO euthanasia! Of course, Madame Governor Palin was roundly dissed for claiming that to be part of Obamacare and told that she didn't know what she was talking about. And THEN they announced that it had been withdrawn.I love watching her make them spin in their tidy whities!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 17.08.2009 @ 10:46

I am dealing with health care issues at great rate of speed at the moment. At age 67, I have no assurance that my government won't try to "off" me for the greater good. Of course, I'm also working full time (unlike a lot of the probable recipients of Obamacare largesse) so I'm utilizing my private health insurance as well. I've had one surgery on my carotid artery on the left side of my neck and the right side is already scheduled for September. That's how uncomfortable I am with the future. As soon as the surgeries are done and my cat's health is assured (you want to talk about expensive health care?), I'm moving to Mexico - where healthcare is more affordable and more loving and where I won't have to sweat the prospect of Axelrod's goon squad showing up on my admittedly conservative doorstep. I never thought I'd feel this way, but that arrogant pipsqueak in the White House has driven me to it!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 17.08.2009 @ 10:44


I do not dislike President Obama because he is a HALF black man. I dislike him because he is an incompetent fraud! He is ignorant of history and he is ignorant of all the good that this country possesses and has done. And he mistakes his job as President in many and egregious ways. He sees himself as some sort of RULER instead of as the truth of his position as an EMPLOYEE of ALL Americans.

And canards against President Bush are devoid of reality and truth. No president has done more to combat AIDS in Africa. No recent president has had to face the kinds of challenges from terrorism that President Bush had to face. And the quisling voices emanating from the Dems in Congress weren't any help.

Conservonememis will have to present a much better case before anyone believes his nonsense!

If you aren't part of the solution, you are a big part of the problem. When President Bush needed the ADVISE and consent process to work, Democrats were too damned busy seeing to their own POLITICAL self-interests, rather than the country's best interests.

See - the blame game cuts both ways!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 30.07.2009 @ 08:49

This is why I posted a piece called "Enough is Enough" and received emails roundly castigating myself for saying it! Well I do believe Enough is Enough. I think Zero is going to go down in history as the worst president in the history of this nation - but only because of his enablers Reid and Pelosi and their crowd. I prefer to believe that once we get some balance by taking back both houses of Congress, we can contain his lunacy and perhaps even turn him into a halfway decent president. He's such a hollow vessel, we can fill him with good things fairly easily!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 30.07.2009 @ 08:42


Hyperion - have you carefully examined the health care provided in those other countries. The long, sometimes fatal, waits for treatment, the necessary procedures denied. Have you actually read this behemoth of a bill? I especially love the provision that seniors are required to meet with their physician every five years to discuss and plan end of life options - not with your attorney, mind you, with your doctor. If that doesn't sound like a door opening onto the "carousel" (did you see Logan's Run?) of euthanasia, nothing does! Using the VA as an example - I have friends who depend on the VA for their health care - and they aren't all that healthy!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 28.07.2009 @ 13:41

My doctor is rushing to do some necessary roto-rooter work on two fairly well blocked carotid arteries in my neck - that's how excited he is about Obamacare! I'm letting him get away with it because that's how excited I am about it!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 28.07.2009 @ 13:38


Thanks for sharing that! I grew up in Cleveland, watching the Indians. They've been breaking my heart since 1948! But I was lucky enough at age 6 to appreciate attending the World Series games that took place in Cleveland. Not many people alive can say that. Those were the days when Bob Hope owned a piece of the Indians (he grew up in Cleveland) and Bing Crosby owned a piece of the Pittsburgh Pirates! And baseball was FUN! Thanks again for sharing and reminding me for a moment of a cherished childhood memory!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 24.07.2009 @ 09:30


The year 2000. The candidate John McCain. The action? He had to PROVE he was native born in order to run for the nomination against George W. Bush.

Check your facts, Rick. Don't be casual about them the way Zero was when he told the Apollo 11 astronauts about witnessing the splashdown of returning space capsules off Hawaii - during the time he was living in Indonesia!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 23.07.2009 @ 08:46

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