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Hoffman seemed like a perfectly nice man, with good ideas but a completely lackluster presentation of himself. Watching paint dry was more interesting. Not a great candidate who still did pretty well, all things considered. Creigh Deeds was another blah candidate - the personality of a wet rag and he always looked on the verge of tears. Lousy campaign as well - went negative right out of the gate and that is a major turnoff to most voters. But worse candidates have won so prognostication says that Blue Dog Dems should be shaking in their BVDs right about now.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 4.11.2009 @ 15:44


Michael Reynolds - Never assume. It tends to make you look like an ass. I would vote for Rick and so would many of his other readers. The thing of it is - he's too SMART to fun for public office as are most people who could solve a lot of our problems. So we end up with someone like Barack Obama in the White House and the nation suffers for it! He's far from the best we've ever had but also not nearly the worst, although given time, he may sink to that position.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 2.11.2009 @ 10:32


Oh horse manure Michael. First, I'm not an idiot; I guarantee I'm brighter than you on every level. Secondly - a president doesn't create a hurricane and the local authorities were offered help and didn't take it! Afghanistan was justified; Iraq likewise. Clinton set up the nukes in North Korea with his buying into their (hollow) promises and the same with Iran which is a problem for us because of that senile old fart James Earl Carter, Jr. The so-called biggest economic collapse since the great depression was engineered by George Soros in companionship with Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and a bunch of other Dems including our new Secretary of the Treasury, well-known tax scofflaw Tim Geitner! And that's the fact, Jack!

Gore is an idiot and so are you Michael Reynolds. Like that KoolAid you're drinking.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 26.10.2009 @ 14:40

Richard Bottoms: Obama isn't George W. Bush and more's the pity. The slagging at President Bush started on the day he took office and never abated until . . well actually "blame Bush" is the Leftwing mantra. Wonder how the problems engendered by the unprovoked attacks on this nation of 9/11 would have been handled had that lisping asshat Albert Gore, Jr. been elected in George W. Bush's stead? I think I can guess.

Our current president is an incompetent shell being run by George Soros and others of his ilk, with little to no regard for the U.S. Constitution. And don't even DARE to bring up the Patriot Act - it was passed by the entire Congress of the United States and there is absolutely no evidence that any innocent person was harmed by it!

And the distribution of the existing vaccine is abysmal. My county, for example, got MORE than it needed! Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I'll have a shot at surviving.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 26.10.2009 @ 11:49


Fox is the only true news provider on cable. CNN and MSNBC are so deep in the tank for The Won that they cannot be taken seriously. Yes, Fox did report on the Tea Parties and yes, on their "Opinion" shows, they gave appropriate scheduling information on the Tea Parties. They report on the things the so-called mainstream media prefer to ignore, those same things that our President would like all news outlets to ignore. That isn't the function of a free press in this nation. Or at least that's what I learned in J-School! The job of a real journalist is to report facts so that the population can make up its own mind about what to believe and not believe. All the facts, not just the ones that the powers that be find convenient.

I wish our president would quit fooling around with nonsensical stuff like this (it's so immature) and actually try to govern this nation as he is constitutionally permitted to do! He's such a disappointment!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 23.10.2009 @ 13:56


I was raised by a Southern father and an urban Northern mother - both of them made it clear to me that a person's color was irrelevant. It was thus very irritating to me when the late MLK brought the differences in color to my attention. I was much happier not noticing and accepting people as they presented themselves to me. Mind you, I am 67 years old so my upbringing took place in a gentler (perhaps) kinder time.

It seems to me that calling someone a racist is far too easy to do and far too difficult to disprove! Our nation's normal construct is "innocent until proven guilty" but that doesn't apply in the case of racism accusations. Ergo - to my mind - calling someone a racist without actual PROOF is a pretty doggone un-American thing to do.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 21.10.2009 @ 14:56


Chuck: Considering that Catholicism is the 2nd more prevalent religion in the world, I'd guess you aren't correct.

I find the oh-so-superior laughter at the idea of religious beliefs or belief in other things that possibly may or may not exist to be the sound of a frightened child whistling past a graveyard!

We are not on this earth just to be on this earth. We are here to serve a higher purpose, or at least we should be. It is my intention to leave the people whose lives I've touched a little better off than I found them. I may not succeed at the level I want to succeed, but at least I will have tried.

I've buried too many beloved friends and family to not believe in the afterlife and I think that people who sneer down their noses at the possibility of the divine are pompous fools!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 19.10.2009 @ 13:20


Defining who is rich and who is not rich is an ephemeral exercise. I consider myself mega-rich and yet, I have very little actual money. What I do have is good health, good friends, a good job and a dependable income and a great big crabby cat who for some odd reason seems to love me a lot (or as much as a cat can love someone). So I would say that context is an important component of any quality of life discussion.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 28.10.2009 @ 14:28

Speaking of deluded - you just blindly accept something coming from JAMES CARVILLE? What is wrong with you, son? James Carville created one of the most bitterly divisive public conversations prior to and all during the Clinton years and hasn't abated his hate-speech one whit since. And he did that study in CLEVELAND. Rick, I grew up in Cleveland and the entire town is cheek-by-jowl Democratic leaning, leftward ho and the like. So in this case, context is very important and you ignored it!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 19.10.2009 @ 08:51


Chuck -
You don't know me well enough to predict what I'll do. Hell, I don't even know! I'm 67 years old and I don't have to explain my actions or thought processes to anyone at all except Sam the Wonder Cat who thinks I hung the moon!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 8.10.2009 @ 15:06

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