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We could all just move to Mexico - reverse the flow so to speak!

And there are places in Mexico where -- believe it or not -- ENGLISH is the principal language!

Yes, Rick (or Kevin if you prefer) it is an Alice-In-Wonderland kind of world!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 10.06.2008 @ 10:54


I am compelled to state that I am SO OVER all these cretins afflicted with Bush Derangement Syndrome, with their endless regurgitation of (false) DNC talking points.

And as far as your adored Senator Obama - he is a total waste of human skin with no real principles, no agenda (other than airy fairy talking points - and meaningless ones at that), no common sense about people and an utter lack of judgment in choosing pastors, friends, advisors and - yes, I'll say it - wives!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 13.06.2008 @ 09:37


There are all kinds of courage. There is the courage required to be who you are - even when it isn't trendy or fashionable. There is the courage required to take responsibility for your actions, rather than permitting someone else to shoulder the blame. There is the courage required to live your life in a moral fashion, even if nobody else recognizes that fact. Not taking the easy path is one of the hardest things we humans can do, and one that actually garners us the best reward in terms of self-esteem (which is something nobody can GIVE you, but which has to be earned).

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 6.06.2008 @ 09:10


It's the same old tired rhetoric of division and victimology, horse patties covered with hollandaise sauce but horse patties nonetheless. BHO is already wearing out his welcome with the American people and despite the heavy lifting of the mainstream sycophants, I think this election will go to McCain. Let's be very realistic, Obama is about as thin-skinned as they come. And McCain has been around the block more than a few times and knows how to slap this ignorant whelp down firmly without looking "mean" - leaving Obama whining about McCain and looking foolish. McCain picks a good running mate, we have more than a horse race on our hands!

Rick - the first campaign I worked on was the first Eisenhower campaign. Trust me on this one!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 5.06.2008 @ 16:18


Roland - where do you get your numbers?

In point of fact, the current House and Senate are LESS popular with the American people than the President. And that's established in the mainstream media who don't print it in BIG letters - but nonetheless, they do print it.

So maybe that 70% of people who aren't happy - really aren't happy with the U.S. Congress of which Barack Hussein Obama is a barely-functional member.

Quit drinking the damned Kool-Aid people!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 3.06.2008 @ 15:48

Barack Hussein Obama is Jimmy Carter #2 - incompetent, unqualified and highly dangerous to this country's security. What the heck - we're still paying the price for 4 years of JEC in 1976 some 34 years later!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 3.06.2008 @ 15:46


Brilliant as always. Obama was described elsewhere as having a spine that resembled "an eclair"! Just what we need!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 2.06.2008 @ 09:50


Speak for yourself Pug. Personally, if the target is Ahmadinejad, cluster bombs sound quite attractive.

But you are correct about what Republicans SHOULD be for. What needs to happen, in my view, is that ALL the current members of the House of Representatives should be kicked out of office by the voters and replaced with fresh horses (so to speak). The longer I live (and I AM old), the more I am convinced that politicians making a career out of the House or Senate is not healthy for this nation, regardless of political party. Of course, I'm also in favor of both parties being healthy and vibrant - which is also beneficial for the nation.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 30.05.2008 @ 15:32

I think everyone is missing the point here - if Barry Obama is as inept, unprepared and unqualified as we all seem to agree him to be - we have some time to actively campaign AGAINST the dope and support John McCain who is starting to show some unexpected spine vis-a-vis Senator Obama.

Many, many years ago I was involved in the campaign of a young man running for the lowly office of county recorder in a heavily rural county in Ohio. He was qualified in a book smart kind of way, but about 40 years younger than his opponent who was also female and a grandmother. Our advice to him? "She doesn't exist." because to do otherwise was a no-win situation. Our candidate and the entire campaign team knew our candidate had no chance of winning. The point was getting his name known. He lost that campaign - but won 4 years later. His name was known and by then his resume had been enhanced considerably. And because he hadn't shown himself to be a churlish oaf by denigrating a much older woman who had occupied the office he sought for some 12 years, he hadn't created any antagonism either.

1. If Obama's campaign continues to deteriorate as it has already, he is unelectable.

2. If Hillary and Bill want to damage Obama's reputation and electability, they will do so, and mortally if at all possible. They would be protecting their turf for a possible 2012 campaign - although quite honestly I think it would be a huge waste of time and money on their part. She is not really electable because she is deeply disliked by far too many people.

3. If John McCain chooses the right running mate, Obama is toast - pure and simple. McCain is already showing the kind of spine and ability to slap Obama down when necessary that he will need to defeat him.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 29.05.2008 @ 10:27


"He said “what’s wrong with us?” meaning Republicans.

I told him “You are not able to hear the answer. Because the answer is so hard to hear, you have decided to live in another world. In your bubble world, the fact that we found no WMDs is an old issue, the fact that 4000 US are dead and 50 thousand injured is just too bad because we are at war and they volunteered. The incredible debt we are under is hardly ever addressed and no one in the administration seems able to apologize for any mistake at all.”"

Mae - clearly you've not been listening very well either. WMDs WERE found in Iraq and proof has likewise been found that an enormous quantity of the WMDs that weren't found were shipped to Syria. Your precious William Jefferson Clinton said they were there, as did Madeleine Albright. But of course, reality would definitely put a crimp in your BDS wouldn't it?

Let's talk about the DEMOCRATS in Louisiana who never gave much thought to the fact that a city built UNDER sea level might flood, should there ever be a decent-sized hurricane and who, when warned for several full days before Katrina hit them, STILL failed to use their own disaster management plan!

The gas prices have begun to rise precipitously on the watch of a DEMOCRATIC congress and the economy which is not and never has been in recession during this administration (slowed growth is not recession and if you think it is Mae, then you are an idiot)has actually slowed SINCE the Democrats took the majority in Congress.

Iraq is not a disaster and if you looked somewhere other than the mainstream media, you'd know that. We are actually DEFEATING Al Qaeda in Iraq - but that would interfere with your terminal case of BDS too, wouldn't it.

When have the mainstream media ever apologized? When has a Democrat ever apologized? When that incredible numbskull Murtha DEFAMED American Marines by claiming they had committed atrocities in Haditha, the mainstream media was all over it like flies on a pile of excrement. When ALL the Marines were cleared of wrongdoing - all of them - did Rep. Murtha utter one word of apology? Hell no!

The EXECUTIVE doesn't authorize the money expenditures - CONGRESS does that. Learn how your damned government operates before you start mouthing ignorant commentary. I do blame President Bush for not restraining a runaway legislative branch but he didn't attach the endless reams of PORK to various spending bills, did he? And now that he has started vetoing the most egregious of them, the Dems in Congress are squealing like stuck pigs!

So Mae, before you start spouting sanctimonious falsehoods, get actual facts. Do a little research, open up your brain and let the fresh breeze of reality blow through.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 28.05.2008 @ 11:01

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