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We are paying this incompetent amateur to GOVERN, not to go swanning around the world apologizing for our strength, our goodness and our well-earned standard of living. We also are not paying him to go flitting off to NYC for a dinner date with his wife (they have excellent chefs at the White House) or to tie up already-dreadful D.C. traffic while he and Plugs go running out for a hamburger! When he took office, I was hoping we were all wrong about him. Sadly, we were not.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 2.06.2009 @ 12:51

I HOPE the CHANGE stops really soon before Hugo Chavez Obama utterly destroys our nation!

Rick, I don't appreciate being insulted by you so blatantly! I made a very valid point that our president is STILL running for office instead of settling down to the hard work of governing. Or to put it another way - he's still voting present! Although he is doing it from every foreign locale he can find. How many days has he actually SPENT in D.C.? And when he is here - he's very fond of taking little field trips which screw up the commutes of little guys like me!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 2.06.2009 @ 08:38

Read elsewhere on the Web: There's a village in Kenya that has lost its idiot!

While I don't necessarily or even remotely subscribe to the conspiracy theory regarding our current "leader's" citizenship status - it makes the point quite well. He's still RUNNING for office instead of realizing that he now must GOVERN.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 1.06.2009 @ 14:04

The quality that most distinguished Ronald Reagan from the current crop of twits is that he genuinely was a patriot! Not a lip service jingoist but a man who deeply and genuinely believe in the American dream.

The current so-called leadership (Reid, Pelosi, et all.) are endlessly corrupt, morally bankrupt and without a single principle among them!

And yes, I have recovered from my recent serious illness quite thoroughly!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 1.06.2009 @ 14:03


Murder is never a solution to anything! Tiller was wrong and the idiot who assassinated him was wrong! Creating another martyr is indefensibly stupid.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 1.06.2009 @ 14:06


It is immaterial to me WHO BO is screwing - as long as it isn't the country!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 1.06.2009 @ 14:08


The only flaw in your logic Rick is that we are a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. And the current programs to "help the poor" are an insult and a detriment to them. Most of the "helping" programs are set forth to perpetuate their poverty.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 6.05.2009 @ 06:56


The Cleveland Indians have been breaking my heart since 1952 (I actually attended one of the 1948 Series games - that's how elderly I am) and I haven't really enjoyed a Browns game since Jim Brown retired. Watching him gain yardage (with no blocking) was a thing of beauty. Got ejected from a hockey game at the Cleveland Arena in the days before barriers because I didn't like a ref's call and expressed my disapproval by whaling on him with my purse!

Cleveland cannot equal Chicago in sports luminaries or in corruption!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 4.05.2009 @ 12:38

Or you could be from Cleveland!

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 4.05.2009 @ 12:35

Moderates? Who Needs 'em

Sarah Palin is governor of Alaska. Ronald Reagan was the two-time governor of California and, at the time, not exactly wildly approved by his state's voters! How does this militate against Ms. Palin? Voters in this country have put into the Oval Office the most unprepared, incompetent and ultimately disastrous product of the Chicago machine. As we have with James Earl Carter, Jr., we will rue the day Obama took the oath of office - assuming we're even alive to do so! And yes, I think he is THAT dangerous.

Comment Posted By Gayle Miller On 1.05.2009 @ 08:44

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