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I can honestly say that this Foley scandal, and the ensuing efforts to contain and deflect the damage that has been done to the Republicans, and to actually make this all about supposed Democratic conspiracies, is far and away one of the funniest/most pathetic things I've ever seen. Let's assume for the sake of "argument" that this is all an elaborate conspiracy involving forged e-mails and IMs, Nancy Pelosi, CREW, ABC, numerous congressional pages all from different parts of the country, and lets not forget Congressman Foley himself, all collaborating to entrap and damage the Republican party before the crucial mid-term election. Does ANYONE on the right or left believe that the democrats are coordinated or smart enough to pull this off? I wish the democrats were that smart or ruthless, if you do think so, I'd love to hear it.
Let's go through some of the excuses I've read so far: Clinton had an affair in the oval office, Barney Frank is gay, democrats are gay in general, some other democrat did something similar over 20 years ago, Foley didn't actually have sex with any of these kids, the kids were egging him on, anyone have any other gems? Anything to forget the fact that Hastert had been warned by Tom Reynolds months ago about Foley sending e-mails to teenage boys in which he requested photos of the boy and were described as "sick" by the teenager in question (hey they were just "overly-friendly" right?) In addition Rodney Alexander of LA, confirmed that he told Hastert about this as early as 2005. We also have Shimkus investigating these claims in 2005 as well, and neglecting to inform his democratic counterpart. He has also stated that he warned Foley to stop "stalking" male pages, then dropped the matter. Just forget that both Hastert and Boehner have publically changed their positions on what they knew about the e-mails and when.
All this sophistry is pretty much the same, anything to avoid dealing with what actually happened. After years of hypocritical moral and ethical posturing on the right, something like this comes along and blows up in their face, and they reveal their true character: that of a frightened and petulant child, willing to say and do anything that will absolve them of responsibility for their actions. There are some on the right who have been quite sober about this and are just as sickened by this mendacity as everyone else, then there are others like the proprieter of this site that will "speculate" and "elaborate" to no end, as long as the conclusion is that its all the media's or one of the Clinton's fault or something equally cretinous. Perhaps he can drop by again and call me some names or question my reading skills, and further confirm what we all know.

Comment Posted By Fronts NYC On 2.10.2006 @ 17:05

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