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I don't think it's shallow at all. It just gives the radicals too much credit for sensitivity and not enough for calculated, manipulation in furtherance of their long-term goals.

Comment Posted By Fresh Air On 5.02.2006 @ 11:32

Time to send in the italics assassin.

Comment Posted By Fresh Air On 5.02.2006 @ 11:14

Let me clarify: I mean those immigrants who threaten to behead people, etc.--not those protesting peacefully.

One other observation: Since when is it logical to burn down a country's embassy because a few newspaper editors from that country, though in no way representing it officially or unofficially, chose to publish some offensive cartoons?

I think these people have some pretty basic misunderstandings of how the world works.

Comment Posted By Fresh Air On 5.02.2006 @ 11:12


Your point is taken, and I think what you have written is immensely thoughtful. Two things: (1) Are we to believe this is really such a deep hurt, when these cartoons were in fact first published last fall with nary a peep? I find it dubious, to say the least. Moreover the frequency with which the large contingent of unemployed males in certain Middle Eastern countries take to the street to demonstrate against the West is quite extraordinary in light of their seeming inability to muster any outrage at their own leaders.

(2) If you get outraged by Burger King swirly cones, plays, movies and two drops of urine accidentally splashing a Koran, how is it you can't work up a little irritation over Islamic radicals who blow up fellow Muslims in the name of Allah?

I'm sorry Rick, but while I would agree some sensitive people may have been genuinely hurt, offended, etc., this whole episiode looks like another made-for-television production featuring the only free speech allowed in the Islamic world: criticism of the infidel West.

Moreover, while I am less concerned about Middle Easterners demonstrating in their respective countries, I am deeply disturbed by those immigrants in Europe for whom free speech works in one direction only. They clearly do not understand what it means to live in a pluralistic society. Perhaps they should be asked to leave?

Comment Posted By Fresh Air On 5.02.2006 @ 11:06


Well, you've got to hand it to the New York Slimes. They can create their own news if they don't have any. As a thought experiment, let's insert a few different phrases into their sentence and see how they sound:

"It's not clear...whether Pinch Sulzberger has ever had an intelligent thought in his life."

"It's not clear...whether Dana Milbank hates President Bush or merely despises the ground he walks on."

"It's not clear...if Hillary Clinton lusted after her college roommate in an unnatural way."

Comment Posted By Fresh Air On 22.07.2005 @ 12:43


One more thing: I watched the video of Roger Waters singing "Wish You Were Here." Pink Floyd should not be glad he is returning. Waters sings like Mel Torme--I mean the current Mel Torme: the dead Mel Torme.

Comment Posted By Fresh Air On 6.07.2005 @ 10:48


At the risk of being uncompassionate...

Sam Kinnison had a great bit years ago about starving people in the desert: "They don't need food, they need U-Hauls. See this? Know what it is? SAND! Do you know what grows in sand? NOTHING!!!

I agree completely with your thesis. The intersection between poverty and war is almost 100% in Africa. Ever notice how the soldiers always manage to get fed, though?

Comment Posted By Fresh Air On 6.07.2005 @ 10:23


Nice post, Rick. This kind of story is so rarely told. Not because it doesn't happen, but because the president doesn't think it's appropriate to use private grief for public consumption. Would that his opponents in Congress felt the same way.

The real, heartfelt, in-your-bones recititude of this guy continues to astonish me--as does the shallow, baseless criticism of his motives from the Democrats.

Lincoln was hated in his day as well. He barely won re-election. He was ridiculed in every way possible. Twenty-five years from now, GWB will be on a coin.

Comment Posted By Fresh Air On 1.07.2005 @ 01:06



I'm with Fritz. It's only a drag if you regard what the New York Slimes editorial board says as important. It's also not much concern to the public. (See the Powerline post: Americans Heart Gitmo.) Also see the most recent menu collection, with exact calorie counts and nutrition listed, like the vicious bastards slinging excrement at guards all have their own personal trainers!

The more I read about the place and see what we're doing, the more opposed I am to it: it should be much, much more misery-inducing.

Comment Posted By Fresh Air On 29.06.2005 @ 09:23


Hamilton was the father of our banking system; that's probably worth a mention. But, hey, if you want to go back to root causes, without Bill Buckley there would be no Ronald Reagan--at least not the Ronnie we all knew and respected.

I agree Tom Paine doesn't belong on the list. I'm also not sure about Teddy. He was an economic fool and had some very strange progressive beliefs. Still, he did create the National Park system and for anyone who has visited Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, the Sequoias or the Grand Canyon, I suppose that's worth a mention.

Of course, if the French were compiling the same list, the top pick would be Jerry Lewis.

Comment Posted By Fresh Air On 27.06.2005 @ 19:22

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