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Why is conservative more popular than Republican?
While liberal is much LESS popular than Democrat?
Media bias?
Or maybe the actions of Republicans who screw up the distinctions?

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 19.05.2009 @ 14:55


In addition, 54 percent of voters think the Obama administration is proposing too much of an increase in government spending, while 6 percent say not enough. About a third -- 35 percent -- says the spending is "about right."

A majority of Democrats (61 percent) think the president's proposed spending is about right, while majorities of Republicans (85 percent) and independents (61 percent) think there is too much of an increase.

The flip side of government spending is budget cuts, and the poll finds 6 in 10 think President Obama is not cutting enough waste from government, including 84 percent of Republicans, 66 percent of independents and 38 percent of Democrats.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell recently made news by saying that Americans "want more government in their life." Americans disagree. Most -- 71 percent -- say they want less government in their life. A much smaller number (17 percent) fall in the category described by Powell.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 19.05.2009 @ 14:52

"We’ll have that large government because that’s what people want"

WRONG. We have it because corrupt powers-that-be deny people what they want...

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 19.05.2009 @ 14:43

"Here’s a handy map of state party ID from a Gallup poll taken back in January:"

January data point in MAY is news?!?

WHat about showing some NEW NEWS:
"Political Party Affiliation Now Tied - 11 Point Swing Towards GOP"

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 19.05.2009 @ 14:41


"Government has run the defense industry and our defense has been incredibly innovative. Government also runs the space program which, while not perfect, has certainly done some amazing things."

... but both are at huge cost. I wouldnt doubt that a private mercenary army could have the same force-multiplier as the DoD for less cost (eg more UAVs and less pork-spent systems, less bases in every congression district, etc.)

Similarly on launching payloads into space, some private companies managed to be much more innovative and low-cost than NASA.

We are willing to pay the price since there is no alternative when it comes to national security and even 4% of GDP is small price for our national security ... but don't pretent there isn't a cost-adder for Government-run over market-based. There is, and it is huge.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 18.05.2009 @ 09:57

“Many of us are so pissed off at the system you’re defending that we’d like to see health insurers replaced in toto by a French-style system.”

"The system we have has been broken by government, so the answer is to have government fix it?"

Well said. Obamacare is not 'reform' it's just more of the same, down the slippery slope to socialized medicine which does NOT work. It costs too much for too little payback, and denies us choice, quality and innovation.

It's a farce.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 18.05.2009 @ 09:52


"Will “the base” go for Crist?
Did “the base” go for Mitt?"

Well.... Mitt lost the Florida primary to McCain by a not too large margin, and one factor in that margin was a last-minute call by Crist to endorse ... McCain.

Here's how the base will see it: Rubio=Reagan-for-the-21st-century and Crist=McCain ... which direction do you want the party to go in?

I agree with Rick Moran that the NRSC move was maddening. I hadnt realized they *recruited* Crist, knowing Rubio was there already. Rubio and Crist could have been a great combo ticket for Florida in 2010 now we just have a mess.

Meanwhile in Texas we have a Clash of the Titans between Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison. Perry is edging KBH on account of stronger conservative support.

At least the RINOs will have Castle and Delaware. (I predict Castle wins that race.)

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 15.05.2009 @ 16:13


"You guys have an additional problem: you had the White House for the last 8 years. So ideas you suddenly come up with now will beg the question as to why you didn’t advance them over the last 8 years.

You have to ditch the base."

Wrong. We either have to ditch the base of 40-50 million voters OR ditch Bush administration lackeys and allegiance to some unpopular Bush actions, like screwing up Iraq, amnesty for illegal aliens, spending too much, etc.

Seems like a fairly easy call to keep the base and throw the Bush administrations failings under the bus.

Ultimately, this is what the "Tea Party" activity was all about. The pro-freedom wing of the electorate established an independent resistance to the Obama agenda. Bush is history and if the Democrats are going to cluelessly try to run against Bush in 2010 they will get a well-deserved come-uppance.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 15.05.2009 @ 08:49

"Sorry Freedoms Truth, by Godwins law (and horrible, horrible logic) you fail."

LOL, you cant invoke Godwin's Law. I already did.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 14.05.2009 @ 17:08

"Not because he is instituting socialism but because he and the Democrats are ignorantly corrupting the free market. "

BTW, Rick, you realize this is an oxymoron. A corrupted regulation and man-handled economy is by definition no longer a *free* market, but a regulated one.

The real awkward thing is that the closest analog to a non-Govt-owned yet highly-regulated (non-free) market system is what Hitler/National Socialists did in the Third Reich, but I suspect that any RNC resolution to the effect of "Obama's economic policies are moving USA economy to be just like Hitler's" would be beyond incendiary and nuke public discourse pronto (massive Godwin's Law event) ... Oy vey!

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 14.05.2009 @ 15:56

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