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"if you really think that whatever some kid is singing has anything to do with the Chinese cultural revolution you must not know history very well."

I know my history quite well thank you and I stated clearly there is an analogy to the techniques, not a carbon-copy. Mao, Jim Jones cult, Branch Davidians, whatever ... cults use techniques and have certain cult-of-personality features and dissent-suppression methods. I am appalled by some of what the Obama minions are doing on both scores. You should be too.

Putting analogies aside, should this be happening in America? ...

or this ...

or ...

or stuff like this ...

"So, a public school had an official lesson using impressionable children to praise Barack Obama. The song they used even co-opted lyrics from "Jesus Loves the Little Children" with Obama's name inserted in place of God."

Neato ... putting Obama, just a newly minted President, barely in office long enough to break his campaign promises, and he's in the place of Jesus in songs to Kindergarteners...

This cult-of-personality behavior is, at least to me, disturbingly un-American and ... shall I say, weird.

"There is nothing in the Obama presidency to suggest he will lock you up for dissent now is there?"
No, but there were calls from the White House (orchestrated by Van Jones!) to hurt Glen Beck and get him off the air. There are the sabre-rattling of 'fairness doctrine' leftists, obviously discontent with the very existence of Fox News, Rush and other right-wing talkers, sufficient to call for their downfall. The majority of the Democratic Congressional caucus has voted for and SUPPORTS this violation of First Amendment freedom.

There was the 'fishy' email scam. And then the suspicious call for a work order to have the comments about the White House monitored on social networks. Innocuous? Or maybe just a matter of seeing what they can get away with in terms of media and populace manipulation.

Many conservatives, whether in academia, schools, Hollywood, or in Govt agencies, already live in a 'hostile work environment' when it comes to their beliefs. We already have people fired in America for expressing certain views, and of course racist expressions are on that list of "forbidden statements". Equating opposition to Obama as racism is *extremely incendiary*, it basically is telling people who work in the above environments and/or in big corporations: "You oppose Obama? You are evil, you are dirt, and if we can find a way, your livelihood will be threatened." Consider the NAACP protest against a Richmond bar owner over his Obama "joker" poster display. They want to force him to take it down.

Dissent suppression is out there. Intimidation and name-calling is out there.

" Not true in 1951 in East Germany or in Hungary in 1956 after they crushed the uprising. That is the big, big difference. So why do you throw these comparisons around?"

Yes, big differences. Acknowledged. I was not throwing comparisons originally, but I was explaining why it was that some people are doing so, either from presonal experience or grappling for historical analogies. At least to me the analogy of Red Guards robotically reciting praise of Dear Leader fits.

If you think the litany of things the Obama administration and their kool-aid drinking followers (oops, another forbidden analogy!) are doing vis a vis abusing Government to advance their ideology, I think you are being far too complacent.

There is a degree and many elements of Obama-worship, radicalism, cult-of-personality, dissent-suppression, and media manipulation that go outside the envelope of the American experience and take us more in the orbit of historical despotisms and dictatorships.
THAT is ultimately where the 'freaking out' of the right is coming from and why it is happening.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 29.09.2009 @ 16:37

"to stand up for what I know is right"

That's the best we can do.
That should be sufficient cause for stating whatever you believe is right.

You shouldnt be held to account for what someone else beleives, that is them not you.
I don't fall for the 'guilt-by-association' aka McCarthyism claims, that because the right has a fringe therefore the whole right is wrong. The left has its fringe, the Castro/Chavez-loving crowd, the 'kill all SUVs' eco-extremists, the anti-population nuts, the impeach Bush BDS folks, the Socialist Democrats. If the other shoe fits, then the entire Democrat party is a bunch of communists ... which gets us back to the kinds of hyperbole you are (rightly) objecting to.

Methinks you are proposing a level of self-policing that the left and the Democrats have never done and never do. That may be good but ... The left can call out the right fringe but the right cant call out the left fringe? Some on the right object to that double standard. In my book, holding the whole movement responsible for what some on the fringe say is a wrong conclusion on both sides.

Nor is it sufficient to simply say 'this is crazy' and walk away. The essay itself seems to overuse argument ad hominem. That's IMHO the wrong approach. Just as you are simply stating what you believe, so are these right-wingers, including this old woman who survived the Nazis and sees parallel with Obama. Is this insane? Probably not at all. She just has a perspective and a life experience. I know from my own life experience that I once developed an inability to sleep when it was raining. Crazy? Not really. I was a landlord and got woken many times by roof problems, and after a while my brain got stuck/fearful of rain hitting rooftops. Our brain works that way. This woman has the totalitarian experience seared in her brain.

This month, I spoke with a woman who escaped Hungary in 1950s ... same exact view, she sees Obama as one of those she escaped, and is now desperate to get politically active to save America from what Eastern Europe fell into for 50 years. She is not crazy, she is concerned.

It's about how people are trying to make sense and frame developments that are new. So if its wrong, pick apart what in fact is wrong - rationally and calmly. These refugees from
socialist hellholes are not crazy, but are canaries in the coalmine. If their fears are over-wrought, which some are and others not, we can calmly go through why or why not.

Many of the Nazi/Mao/Castro/Communist analogies wrt Obama do have legs, but only as analogies - from the cult-of-personality aspects, to the 'vampire economy' aspects of industrial policy manipulations, to complacent media, etc. - not because he is literally a totalitarian, but the techniques of control, whether in the economy or in the media, are similar. The latest video of kids singing the Hussein songs, the folks apparently worshipping Obama ... is it wrong to compare this junk to Mao's Cultural Revolution Red Guards? Not to my thinking. It's creepy stuff that deserves to be mocked in such ways, to get people to wake up and realize its not healthy for our Republic.

"What is there to “fear” about Obama and the Democrats? They are proposing the same liberal crap that the left has been promoting for more than 30 years."
The leftwing Democrats have more power and control now than at any prior time in our nation's history. Even LBJ's majorities included many southern conservative Democrats. Today the left has a surer lock-hold on Congress and the media than ever before *and* they control institutions that have been in the past 30 years captured by leftwing ideologues.

Our freedoms are lost by increments.
We ought not to pretend there is no threat to our freedom, prosperity and future from the left-liberals in power. That much is very real.
Unity, reason, and holding firm to real ground of actual inflictions against our liberties - and not the imagined fears of slippery slopes - is the right way to respond to the Obama / Democrat deluge.


Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 29.09.2009 @ 12:15


"So cut the crap. You just hate the president."

Cut the crap yourself. As I said, I would expect a Third World President to do this, but Obama's misplacing his priorities and lowering USA to the level of Brazil in the process of grovelling for this. Who cares if Rio takes the 2016 Olympics? Who cares if da Silva has nothing more important? We arent Brazil! And Putin's a bad model on anything.

Japan's PM was giving a *sendoff* to the delegation.... "The Tokyo Olympic bid committee, led by city governor Shintaro Ishihara, has been seeking to have Hatoyama pitch their bid in Copenhagen but the prime minister did not indicate if he would travel there."

What a concept! A *delegation*, led by a Governor (oh Wait, Blago isn't available right now). Maybe they should send that Democrat Statesman Senator Burris (oh wait, he's a 'pay to play' guy). Maybe Obama's going because anyone else would have the stink of the Chicago Machine. Funny, but they are his friends. Doesnt he trust them to do anything on their own?

Meanwhile, Obama's only talked to the Afghan commander ONCE in 70 days.

Obviously, to you and the President, the hundreds of American soldiers dying in Afghanistan this year in a war we are starting to lose now is of lesser importance than the bling of Chicago getting an Olympics down the road.

Priorities, my man, Priorities!

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 28.09.2009 @ 13:37

"So now we’re a Third World country unable to afford to host the Olympics."

We are a great country whose Third World-mindset President is focussed on trivia, rather than letting mayors and Governors take the lead on a third-tier item like that.

This is the administrative equivalent of wearing bling. All flash, no substance, no class.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 28.09.2009 @ 11:03


RM:"my fellow conservatives. We just don’t have what it takes to play the race card effectively."

First off, I think the whole premise that needs to be challenged is that the race card should be played. It should be retired. Calling someone a racist should be reserved for those who want to send blacks to segregated schools and stop them from voting, not used any time a complaint is lodged against a black personality.

Funnyman: "hey where is Freedom’s Truth."
I'm back.
" Who is whining? You for one! Liberals are closet racists and hypocrites? Big deal."

Yes, liberal politicians are hypocrites. Not a whine, just reality. Pelosi doing the 'civility thing' now, lauding loud obnoxious protesters back then. Obama complaining about dishonest statements, then telling woppers in his speech, etc. It goes on.

However, I dont want to associate with calling liberals 'closet racists' except in individual cases where it is manifestly true. Most liberals, conservatives, etc. are *NOT* racists, and its been reduced to an "I'm rubber, you're glue" back-and-forth taunt, because it is the left, not the right, that caters to race-based identity politics.

" So are many conservatives."
Wrong and again unfair ... the racism charge is overused and wrong.

" Big deal."
Actually the big deal is the suppression of dissent and censoring of thought that is implicit in the 'race card'.
Maybe we are in violent agreement on the overuse/abuse of the term.
But its clear that using the term poisons the well in political debate,
and its not healthy.

My underlying point: The Left has used the "race-card" as a dissent-suppression shaming device. It is rooted in Alinsky-style politics. It's wrong, it's stinks and it has infested and worsened and coarsened political debate. Democrats are hypocrites to deny this while at the same time calling for 'civility' ... *and* engaging in the coarse and ugly practice of falsely accusing conservatives of racism, solely because the current leftist in the White House happens to be black.

".... Race card played, PC card played, yawn." ...
This may one day be a reality that we can yawn at it. But not yet. so long as former wingnut Presidents from Georgia call their opponents racists (somewhat hypocritically I might add, since Jimmy C. got his start under Gov Maddox) for daring to oppose Obama, so long as it has force (and it does), we have a negative impact on politics.

So lets have an honest debate - Name-calling people racists on the basis of mere political disagreement, its bogus and wrong. Jimmy Carter is a Jacka** for saying what he said.

"What does have to do with being conservatives. Nothing."
I would disagree ... there is a clear thread from the New Left to the tactics of 'race-card' playing and political correct
Dinesh D'Souza's "Illiberal Education" exposed this, following up Bloom's "Closing of the American Mind". On campus today, conservative profs get their careers shortened and impacted for daring to be 'open' conservatives. So many are in the closet, so to speak.

Any real conservative knows this and does not discount the reality of political correctness, and its use as a tool of the new left to indotrinate others. If you don't 'get it' I would direct you the writings of David Horowitz. His recent essays on Alinsky nail at least part of the source of the 'poisoning of the well' in our politics today:

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 17.09.2009 @ 10:52


"Rick Moran is a libertine "

Cool, can I come to your next party?

Maybe this is an Alinsky isolation technique

"the only core principle I could ever find from him was “The Democrats are worse.”"

A false claim wrt RM., but not that there is anything wrong with that. As core principles go, it would beat the pants off of whatever is animating the left side of the political spectrum these days.

"No, I am not a party man. "

Heh. I am sure Redstate would back that up. Not sure how admitting you might vote for a Pelosi peon would endear you to the party regulars.

As for me, I am a patriot first, conservative second, and Republican third. Seeing how Obama's collosal $9 trillion deficits, his egregious attempts to funnel billions in pork to favored special interests, his disastrous foreign policy apologetics, his power-grabs in the energy and healthcare industries, these are threats to our liberty, our prosperity and our future. It all reminds me of why indeed "Republican" follows naturally after 'patriot' in my political thinking. I care about the future of this country, I care for what the next generation will have to face. This is a partisanship rooted in logic.

If seeing the Republican party as the best vehicle for stopping the foolish stampede of Democrat kleptocrats and preserving American prosperity and freedom makes one a GOP party hack, then God Bless the GOP Party Hacks.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 8.09.2009 @ 12:03


More thoughts on the Kennedy legacy:

"The Ted Kennedy Legacy: An undisciplined liberalism that doesn’t know its limitations."

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 26.08.2009 @ 11:55

"May I ask, how many of ordinary Americans are today benefiting from Reagan’s trickle-down economics, or George W. Bush’s tax breaks to the richer Americans?"

You may ask. Anyone working today or a child of someone who has worked in the past 20 years has benefited from Reagans and G W Bush's tax breaks. Contrary to your spinning, most of GW Bush's tax cuts were on the middle class. Both Reagan and Bush took millions off the income tax rolls through their tax cuts, leaving us to a point where over half of working Americans dont pay any income tax at all, and the top 20% pay an astounding 83% of total income taxes.

That statistic is their legacy:

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 26.08.2009 @ 11:52


"A single unnamed source."

The question is: Is the plan to create a "National Day of Service " on 9/11 and ignore/smother the real significant remembrance of the Twin Towers terrorist attacks on 2001 true or false?
Shooting the messenger is a logical fallacy is the message is based on valid fact.

Having the 'hiphop Reverend' Yearwood, a Code Pink style activist, would be akin to a Repub Prez putting the anti-abortion activist Randall Terry in charge of a "Day of Life" event on National Suffrage day.
Intentionally offensive, or just plain tone deaf?

The political agenda may be subject to interpretation but IMHO: This would be on a par with renaming Martin Luther King Jr day "black Republican Day" because MLK Jr was a Republican. If a Republican President did *that* would the house liberals here find that acceptable and non-noteworthy?

"The Spectator article is totally red meat, meant to enrage people." Wrong, its meant to inform. Whether it enrages you or not is up to your own disposition on the matter. Did this quote happen? ""They're taking that day and they're breaking it because it gives Republicans an advantage. To them, that day is a fearful day." "

Well, they say that these are the groups on the call, a fairly check-able factoid: "A coalition including the unsavory left-wing pressure group Color of Change and about 60 far-left, environmentalist, labor, and corporate shakedown groups participated in the call. Groups on the call included: ACORN, AFL-CIO, Apollo Alliance, Community Action Partnership, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, 80 Million Strong for Young American Jobs, Friends of the Earth, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies,, National Black Police Association, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, National Council of Negro Women, National Wildlife Federation, RainbowPUSH Coalition, Urban League, and Young Democrats of America. "

If those ARE the groups on the call, then YES, the 9/11 event rollout is CLEARLY designed to be a day of ethnic, urban, unionist and eco-activist. They did NOT have First Responders, VFW and other veterans, other caregivers, they had black police but no other police organization.

"Is 9/11 seen as a “Republican” day?" It is precisely the liberal attitude against being cheerleaders for America that we get such impressions. How soon we forget that Obama once refused to wear American flag lapel pins as it was too overt an act of brash patriotism. With liberal attitudes like that, yeah, all you have left are Republicans to remember, say "God bless America' and support the troops whereever they may be. Any liberal who wants in on patriotism is welcome to do so, but many do not, more afraid than proud of nationalistic fervor.

Last point: We do not need to call liberals unpatriotic to not like this dumb White House stunt. This was an Obama decision and Obama mistake. He has hired some crackpot leftists on his team, and will do crackpot things. If this indeed happened, it was an egregious act of politicization of both national holidays and national service. Shame on Obama for letting it happen.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 24.08.2009 @ 13:46


"I’m German but was born way after the Third Reich. So am I guilty? Personally not, but as a people we are guilty and responsible of the holocaust"

Collectivist thinking.

It's time you started believing in individual responsibility. The people responsible are the ones who did the thing themselves, not children, neighbors or people who happen to share the same ethnic background. Ironically, that is the root logical fallacy that makes racism wrong. If we realized that racism/racial prejudice is a logical fallacy, it might tone down the emotions and reduce (over)using allegations of it.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 20.08.2009 @ 14:18

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