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"The Democrats are closer to old style Goldwater or Eisenhower Republicans. "

Someone please clue me in on when the Goldwater or Eisenhower Republicans ever:
- Appointed a NAMBLA-supporting radical in charge of 'safe schools'
- Put a guy in favor of race-based quotas in charge of the DOJ
- Decided to mandate/tax everyone in America who chose not to buy health insurance and advocated a huge expansion in the Govt reach into healthcare sectore
- Proposed massive tax increases and regulatory schemes on energy
- passed a Federal budget that swallowed more than a quarter of GDP and adds $9 trillion in deficits, doubling our debt load
- pushed takeovers of car companies and shovelled billions in tax dollars out the door with a giveaway for old cars
- Pushed for bills to be passed hurredly without even reading them
- Called those who disputed portions of his agenda proposals 'liars' for daring to point out troubling provisions in them
- Called critics of the President 'racist'

Democrats in DC today are a clown show of leftists, liberal elitist social engineers, Chicago Boy corrupt operators, and party hacks with knee-jerk animus to 'flyover' conservative America. Any resemblance to the reasonableness of either party of 40 years ago is a figment of hope over change.

The Republican right has lose that veneer of politesse and noblesse oblige that made them nice losers to the Democrats. If that's a vice, it's a minor one compared to the bullying of the Democrats. And, as Goldwater said "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice". He'd be supporting the Tea Party crowd if he was around to witness it.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 2.10.2009 @ 13:57

Busboy, #37, you misstate completely my point.
I have already agreed with much of Rick Moran's point.
I have said if someone engages in political hyperbole that is their fault, nobody else's. That's individual responsibility, folks on right and left should re-adopt it.

My point has been that the Left has successfully used certain tactics in the past 8 years and prior, and that some on the right are picking up on those tactics. For anyone NOT to see these clear and obvious parallels and borrowings is quite ignorant. It's whats HAPPENING.

You are free to only condemn right-wingers for frothing in manners that ape what left-wingers were doing in the previous Bush administration if that is your wish.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 2.10.2009 @ 13:36

"Conservatives by and large seem to take offense at allegations of racism. "

Yes, just as Liberals by and large seem to take offense at allegations of being child rapists.

There's something about incendiery defamations that just gets people's back up.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 2.10.2009 @ 13:28

"I found this definition of “liberal” online. It fits me and many like me to a T, and I also think it reflects the principles upon which our country was founded. I cannot for the life of me figure out why you all find it to be such a terrible label"

It's a wonderful label, and us classical Jeffersonian liberals are ticked off that the leftists and socialists stole it from the real classical liberals way back when. (New Deal era?) Then again, leftists and socialists are natural thieves, hijacking labels left and right.

"4. favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, esp. as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties."

The people who hold to this position are today called libertarians and/or small-Government conservatives.

Those who want this country to adhere to the ideals of our founding fathers have been standing up and telling the politicians to read the Constitution and follow it.

Maybe if you reread your founding father documents again, you will realize that you are deep down a *classic* liberal and not a modern 'liberal' (aka socialist).

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 30.09.2009 @ 12:13

@Freedoms Truth “8 years of lunacy, lies and hyperbole from the BDS left has trained some on the right to imagine that it’s how the opposition is *supposed* to behave.”

"Seriously? You are blaming the left for how the right is acting? That is ridiculous."

It's not at all. I've heard and read comments from some on the right indicating exactly that thinking. A 'sauce-for-the-goose' attitude.

"Maybe the left originally learned how they were “supposed” to behave from the right?" Nope. Street theatre and agitation was a New Left (1960s) invention, and the politics-of-personal-destruction is straight out of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

Some on the right are reading Alinsky and taking the tactics of the left seriously.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 30.09.2009 @ 12:07

As if on cue to make my point ... One of the features in tax law that distinguishes us from Europe is our lack of VAT, a distinction that keeps our Govt from growing as large as Europe's .... and here we have Obama's supporters proposing a Federal VAT!

"As progressives we need to debate the policy merits and likelihood of enacting a range of options -- including designing a small and more progressive value-added tax, changes to the corporate tax code, and taxing upper income earners beyond reversing the Bush tax cuts," Mr. Podesta said in a statement Tuesday.

White House economic adviser Larry Summers and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner refused to rule out middle-class tax increases during Sunday talk-show appearances over the summer. "We have to bring these deficits down very dramatically," Mr. Geithner said on ABC's "This Week." "And that's going to require some very hard choices."

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 30.09.2009 @ 12:04

"I would disagree with your assessment. In what regards is Obama to the left of France or Germany?"

I was speaking of a trajectory that if continued might get crossed by 2016, should they tack right and we race left. I am speaking of trajectory not current position.
America's heritage of freedom, and previous 28 years of Governance that has been overall centrist has kept us from trending left ... but Obama is outside that historical envelope, and is seeking to move USA to a place we've never been.

And I think the assessment that Obama is racing USA to the left, to a massive Federal Government more bloated than any Government in history, is accurate. Disagree?

Perhaps you are unaware of how gargantuan ObamaCare, even with the Baucus all-pain-no-gain version, will be. The true ten-year cost once the program is fully loaded is about $1.7 trillion (not the $800 billion 10 year number they tout). That's the CBO estimate, or as best we can get, since the Senate is arrogantly going to forge ahead without even the legislative language required to enable a real scoring.

Perhaps you haven't accounted for the 50+ agencies that bill will produce, the squeeze on the entire healthcare industry it will create.

Perhaps you haven't added in the added pestilence of "Cap and Trade" on industrial America, adding regulations, taxations and bureaucracies galore. That bill will shift another $200 billion per year through the Federal Govt over time, taxing/punishing some and rewarding others. This is another $2000/ year per family, or more, of either direct cost or Govt redistribution, depending on how the Govt set it up - and Govts get sticky fingers.

Perhaps you haven't noticed that our deficit this year is - for the first time sine WWII - in double digits of GDP, and that the *lowest* deficit that Obama projects over the next 5 years is higher than the last Bush+republican budget in 2006.

Perhaps you havent noticed that every year the Pelosi Democrat Congress has passed budgets, they have increased discretionary spending by double digits. Perhaps you havent noticed that the Federal budget is a higher percentage at any time in USA's history than in the last 50 years, jumping from historical 18-20% levels to over 28% of GDP.

Perhaps you havent noticed that if you take that higher number and include state and local Governments, the share of Government to GDP is now eclipsing the ratio in many of the European nations, exactly the metric some would use to assure us we are not as 'socialist' as Europe.

Perhaps you haven't considered the tidal wave of additional welfare state obligations that are inherent in Obama's proposed amnesty legalization of 12-20 million illegal aliens, who will be on track for a plethora of Government assistance programs which they are currently legally excluded from.

And last but not least, perhaps you are not noticing the collapse and the discrediting of the left in Europe, the rise of conservative and right-wing / liberal-economics parties in that continent.

"woman’s right to choose"
Women have the right to choose how to invest their social security funds? They can the schooling for their child? They can choose their healthcare insurance company? They have the right to choose to own a gun? Fascinating.

Meanwhile in USA, President Obama says that his ideal Justice is a leftwing agitator on the Supreme Court by the name of Ruth Bader Ginsburg; she has disallowed the right of states to democratically protect unborn human life in law, and such judicial legislation will remain in force is so long as Obama nominates similarly leftwing Judges.

"His foreign policy is still tougher than Germany’s or France’s."

Not really. Bush's foreign policy trajectory continues, and I give credit to Obama for not bugging out on Iraq or Afghanistan (yet), but almost everything Obama has done new has been in the direction of weakness. His missile defense giveaway was positively Carteresque. I have France's own Sarkozy in my corner on this, and any cogent reading of Obama's dreadful UN speech backs up this assessment:

Obama is a naif, Sarkozy a realist.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 30.09.2009 @ 11:22

"Thank you!!!! OMG, I pray this is the beginning of a new trend among Conservatives. I’ll say up front that I’m a lefty liberal"

You should then also long for the day when a leftie is brave enough to engage in enough introspection to call out the lunacies of dKos, Olbermann, Media Matters, brass-knuckles Rahm, etc. 8 years of lunacy, lies and hyperbole from the BDS left has trained some on the right to imagine that it's how the opposition is *supposed* to behave.

Your disapproval of Rep Grayson's hyperbole is ... progress!

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 30.09.2009 @ 10:52

"As I see it: Conservatives quote conservatives who write conservative pieces based on conservative idea spread by conservatives to conservatives."

That is no different on the left. You've just describe the proggo-sphere in reverse.

Name a real conservative published in the NY Times.

Echo chambers abound.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 29.09.2009 @ 16:50

"Obama wants to move the United States more toward France or Germany."

I would say that is a now an understatement. I would take Angela Merkel or Nickolas Sarkozy over Obama in a heartbeat. Even as non-Americans, they could take better care of America than Obama is.

Both are clearly more understanding of a nation's requirement to stand up for its own interests and both have a better understanding of market economics and the need for policies that keep prosperity going. Both are gently edging their respective nations towards free-markets, digging their respective countries out of the hole of the failures of European welfare-state socialism of the latter 20th century.

Meanwhile Obama wants to hurtle us towards that failed welfare-state socialism model as fast as possible, sinking us with $9 trillion of new deficits, not even counting the trillions in new liabilities that ObamaCare would give us (it is scored at about $800 billion over ten years, but if you look closely, its more like a $1.7 trillion true 10 year cost).

If Obama gets his way, the USA of 2016 would be to the *LEFT* of most of the European states - larger Government, higher taxes, tighter regulations, less freedoms than EU countries.

When France is tougher diplomatically than we are on a Muslim nation, you know we've entered a 'new era'.

Comment Posted By Freedoms Truth On 29.09.2009 @ 16:47

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