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Ah yes, Thomas Jefferson...the President who ended our paying blackmail to the Muslims in Tripoli and had this to say when he reported to Congress about his diplomatic contact with Tripoli's ambassador in London, Sidi Haji Abdrahaman.

jefferson was making an effort to end the bribes paid and the slavetaking of Americans and asked the ambassador by what right he extorted tribute and took slaves among Americans and Europeans:

"The ambassador answered us that [the right] was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise."

In view of Jefferson's subsequent conduct,he obviously learned something about Islam and the likelyhood of `live and let live' from the Ambassador.

Perhaps we need to review the lesson in our modern age..since the Islamist mindset has not changed in the least.

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 10.01.2007 @ 14:29


hi Rick and the rest of you..a few salient points, if I may weigh in.

First of all , Congressman Goode was entirely correct about the dangers of Muslim immigration, since to many Muslims their first loyalty is to the Muslim umma and sharia. Take a peek at Europe for an example. For a congressman who describes himself as a devout Muslim to swear to defend the Constitution is a contradiction in terms.

And Machiavelli is quite correct that the Qu'ran not only allows Muslims to lie to kuffars (non-believers), but encourages it when Islam is being advanced.The Islamic term is taqiya.

Second, there are all kinds of verses in the Qu'ran, but none of you have mentioned the well accepted Islamic doctrine of Abrogation, which states that later verses come first. The Qu'ran was not written concurrently, and the latest verses, unfortunately are the `jihad' verses in suras 2-9.Those take precedence, along with the Hadiths, the actual life and sayings of Mohammed.

This is, as Machiavelli mentioned, also the doctrine of Mohammed as being the Muslim paridigm, the model man. And Mohammed was notorious for breaking oaths and treaties when it served him.

I know plenty of non-jihadi Muslims, but because of the Saudi funding and takeover of the Mosques and madrassahs here in the US, the radical viewpoint is becoming much more common and acceptable . Some of my friends don't even go to the local mosques anymore because of the hardline wahabi nonsense preached there.

Where Congressman Goode gets it wrong is on stupidly focusing on Ellison's choosing to swear on the Qur'ran (since it doesn't matter), rather than the fact that this ex-Nation of Islam member and CAIR poodle is a congressman at all.

Goode is right to be concerned about us being saddled with more like Ellison.Again, take a look at France to see where that road ends up leading.

Radical Islam and democratic values and liberties don't mix. We will find that out as events catch up with us, unfortunately.

The real sadness is that many decent,pro-American Muslims who moved here to get away from sharia and `submission' are going to be tarred with the jihadi brush unless something remarkable happens.

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 27.12.2006 @ 02:01


Well done Rick. That's EXACTLY it..diplomacy as a self perpetuating institution.

Diplomacy only works when both sides perceive they have something to lose, and something to gainby dealing.

That's why it's futile with North Korea and Iran.
Actually,re: the Middle East, the notion of a second Arab Palestinian State (Jordan is the first) is one of the main things
keeping the the Arab -Israeli conflict going, or at least providing the rationale for it to the Arabs and those in the West who favor their cause.

Without their `Palestinian brothers' the other Arab nations (who have all, without exception treated the Palestinians who sought refuge in their countries after the 1948 Arab attack on Israel much worse than the Israelis) would have no excuse for continuing the conflict except for the actual reason: that they refuse to accept Jews living among them in peace and equality.

Solve that one, and where the borders are become relatively unimportant.

It's the supreme irony that the hated Jews of Israel are the only nation in the Middle East that has actually given any land at all to the Palestinians..whereas their fellow Arabs have not given them so much as one square dunam.

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 9.10.2006 @ 20:13


This is a huge mistake, if that's actually what was decided.

We will pay in blood later for what we defer now.

I hate to shill my own work (well, no I don't,but I try to avoid it on other people's sites)but I suggest interested parties read this to find out (a) why we're not going to be able to live with Iranian nukes and (b) how to REALLY deal with the problem of Iran, which is both to prevent it becoming a nuclear power and to curtail its leadership of global terrrosim and jihad against the West:

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Time to do the mullah dance

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 3.10.2006 @ 18:03


Le Chirac - une grande merde et un abruti s'occupant déloyal et double.

Or if you like Italian: Una merda grande e un disloyal, doppio che tratta il wipe dell'asino.

What's even worse is that Bush is apparently going along with this farce.

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 19.09.2006 @ 17:13


Well done, Rick..though unlike you, I do see certain parallels between now and the late 1930's. Give William L. Shirer or Sir Winston a quick reread, if you like.

I would beg to differ with you slightly on one was not the `sheiks of Araby' the frogs went grovelling to, but Iran.

The French Foreign Minister Phillipe Dosty-Blasy met with the Iranian foreign minister in Beirut and received his marching orders...after which he praised Iran as a great nation and a stabilizing force for peace in the region!

Iran , of course is the real winner in this conflict.

I think that the Bush Administration would have continued to back Israel had Olmert displayed the slightest glimmer of competance or decisiveness...the US simply couldn't delay things any longer. Not after a month. So, as you intimate,this game will be played out again, probably for muc hmore lethal stakes.

This is a defeat for the west, and the only silver lining I see is that Olmert will be gone from power soon after the war ends, Based on what I'm hearing from Israel.

AFter the near defeat in the Yom Kippur War, the Labor party essentially resigned leadership (and rightfully so) and Likud took over.

The party in question may not be the same, but I think Israel will end up with more decisive leadership. Basd onwhat I see coming inthe near future, they're going to need it.

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 13.08.2006 @ 04:40


Hi Rick,
I know it's tempting, but don't be so down. Things are progressing, slowly but surely.

When I started my site in September of `05, I was one of the few people referring to what's going on as a War Against Jihad, and using terms like Islamic fascism. You rarely heard terms like that on talk radio or in the media...everything was the `War on Terror'. Now things have changed considerably, where even President Bush has dropped the `Religion of peace' schtick.

Read up on the appeasors and isolationists in the 1930's and you will find that the division you speak of was just as prevalent in the US prior to 1941 as it is now. There's virtually no difference between what
Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan are saying today and what Father Coughlin and the Cliveden set were saying then.

The problem, essentially is jihadi Islam and more and more people are aware of it - seen the polls lately in Europe and America on favorable/disfavorable view of Islam?

One of my chief problems with President Bush was that he allowed the country as a whole to fall asleep again after 9/11, because he got caught up in the whole Islamic democracy nonsense.

Now, five years later, people are waking up.

The politicians are simply behind the curve, here and in Europe, but as Muslims in the west become more arrogant and terrorism in the West increases, that will change.

We will be victorious, both here and in most of Europe because the alternative is simply too horrible for most of us to contemplate, and we have something precious to lose. It's merely a question of how many of us will have to die first.

The quicker we arise, the less the figure will be.


Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 16.08.2006 @ 04:21


al Sadr, the Mahdi army and the Badr force (the other maor Shia militia) are armed, trained and run by Iran.

J O S H U A P U N D I T: The Iranian controlled Shia militias in Iraq - how NOT to win a war

Iran wants turmoil in Iraq to consolidate its hold over Iraq's Shias, keep the US tied down and most of all take the spotlight off its stonewalling over the West's incentive offer and buy time to ramp up its nukes program and beef up its military.

The attacks on Israel from Iran's proxies Hezbollah and Hamas have the same purpose.

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 12.07.2006 @ 14:59


Why insult the weasels?

kerry is in a class by himself.

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 15.06.2006 @ 15:02


Great post, Rick.

If some of our marines violated military law, I have confidence in the military justice system to deal with it. There have been severalother marines brought up on RIDICULOUS charges who have been totally acquitted.

Like you, I resent the trial by media and the implication that all of our military in Iraq are somehow `tainted' by this, or that there is a larger conclusion to be drawn.

I especially resent it coming from Murtha, who has advised people not to serve in our military and who schmoozes with and champions Code Pink and a notorious anti-Semite, Cindy Sheehan. Code Pink are the people who gave $600,000 tothe terrorists in Faluja who were shooting at our troops and who stage `demonstrations' in front of honorably wounded men at Walter Reed Hospital.

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 29.05.2006 @ 18:47

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