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Best of luck in the new's hoping all goes well.

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 9.05.2008 @ 17:55


Hi Rick, How are you?

I don't think it was a fake, after comparing it with other tapes of OBL I have. I have a pretty good ear for vocal inflection and tonality.

What's more, bin-Laden has surprised us before with his knowledge of affairs herein America.He has made common cause with the Angry left before, just not so blatantly.

And in the final analysis, I don't think it matters..whomever did it, this was an `invitation' on behalf of our enemies to accept Islamic rule or die,in accordance with Islamic practice for a `just war'. I don't think it was an accident that it came out on the same day as General Petraeus' report, an djust before 9/11.

It cites the idea of `just retribution' unless one `enters the Garden'(accepts Islam).

I think something's imminent. We've been far too lucky and complacent.

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 11.09.2007 @ 00:52


Hi Rick.
C'mon this is the NYT, and they've hated Rudy Giuliani since the first time he ran for governor.

As to the specifics...9/11 was pretty much unimaginable at all levels, from the Bush Administration on down.I don't fault anyone for mistakes and snafus that happened on that day or in the months preceding, because it was a surprise attack that few people expected no matter what the CYA rhetoric is.

Now, if we're talking 5 plus years later...when our borders are still not secure and ihad mosques and madrassahs are rife here in America, that's very different.


Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 21.06.2007 @ 15:43


Hey, Rick,
Wy so down? Sometimes the old garbage has to be cleaned out before the new takes hold.

We've gone through two incredibly bad, self-serving and/or ineffectual presidents in a row, but that's happened to America before.

Events will not allow the defeatist, isolationist slough to take hold, either here or in Europe.

In the interim, we have to keep fighting, hard for our beloved Republic, whatever it takes.

I see it as mostly a case of Americans defining what we really need in our next president and acting accordingly.. historically that's exactly what they've done in the past.

We need to get back on track after 15 years of mediocre leadership.

And in reality,there's still some pretty good leadership out there.

Finally, keep in mind that neither Bush nor Iraq will likely be factors in 2008. people will be looking at the future.

We will prevail in the end, simply because we have too much too lose if we don't.



Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 20.05.2007 @ 00:52


Heh! Welcome to my side of the fence, Rick.

I caught exactly the same nonsense after I realized and started writing about how the Bush Administration mismanaged a fine victory by our military in Iraq and started dancing on cracks between pleasing the President's Saudi `allies' re: The Sunnis and his fetish for Arab democracy.

All one has to do is look at presdient Bush's own determination of what would constitute a `victory' to realize that it simply isn't going to happen that way.

We are essentially in the position of `stabilizing' a corrupt Shiite government that's creating an Islamic republic based on Sharia that has already been committing ethnic cleasing, enthusiastically observes a boycott against Israel that 's illegal under US law and has firm ties to our enemies in Iran.

Since the president is now unable to utilize Iraq as a base against Iran and Syria ( the main reason it made sense to go there in the first place)and since we've screwed the only real allies we had there,the Kurds, for the second time, our best bet is to exit as gracefully as we can while not breaking our army's morale...hopefully after dealing with Iran, if the President packs the requisite

It's not unpatriotic or weak minded to look at things honestly and learn from mistakes.

Don't let it get you down.


Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 1.05.2007 @ 00:52


I agree with you that Reid and Pelosi have underlined the defeatist and disloyal stance of much of the Democrat party.

I don't agree with you that George Bush will get any great bounce out of this...nor does he deserve to.He will be fortunate to get out of office without being impeached.

The repercussions of the current drama - hopefully - will be felt in`08.

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 26.04.2007 @ 14:04


I hope you will permit a stranger to offer my sincere condolences, Rick, to you and your family.

Your mother-in-law sounded like a great and courageous woman.

May the pain pass quickly and only pleasant remembrances linger...


Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 12.03.2007 @ 22:37


Hey Rick,
Good post,but I can't say I agree with you totally.

The 500 lb monkey on America's back and the explanation for Bush's seemingly inexplicable behavior is the Saudis, plain and simple...along with the other Sunni autocracies our president is so fond of.

Their influence on political figures on both sides of the aisle is a cancer, especially with this president.

It's why the president,instead of putting the country on a war footing advised us all to calm down and go shopping.

It's why we got involved in Iraq, why it became such a mess and why we continue to fund Palestinian terrorists, and why so little has been done to stop the importation of jihad into our country.

It's why we continue to fight half a war.

As for Musharref he has NEVER been an ally in the true sense of the word, partly because he can't be and partly, like much of the Muslim world, because he's still waiting to see which way the wind ends up blowing.

If he's truly in control, then he has the ability to stop Pakistan from being a haven for al Qaeda and the Taliban, even if it simply means allowing coalition forces to go in after them and kill them. If he's not in control, why bother bribing him?

As you mention, we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan on the basis that they were harboring our enemies and were a threat, so why should Pakistan be any different - or Iran?

If Musharref wasn't cooperating, we should have made our displeasure known rather forcefully,so that he understood that it was in his best interests to cooperate if he still wanted a country in one piece.

Now, with the country disgusted with Bush's lack of leadership and al Qaeda and the Taliban even more firmly entrenched then they were, it will be a much more difficult job.

Just as with Iran,the president is allowing hostile forces to strike at our troops with impunity in the name of `hearts and minds' while handcuffing our forces with ridiculous rules of engagement and locking them into a defensive war of attrition.

This goes back to Bush's refusal to take the war seriously, do what is necessary for victory and of course, his dread of upsetting his Saudi pals.

Unless he changes course fairly quickly, he will go down in history as America's Neville Chamberlain.

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 21.02.2007 @ 01:47


Don't feel bad, Rick...Weekend Monkey picked the Bears by 7, and he usually has an uncanny sense about these things.

Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 5.02.2007 @ 15:33

IRANIAN NUKE PROGRAM STALLED? view of the problems you're having with Jonathan, I hesitate...but here's the info on Iran's mirror site. And it comes from the same Iranian dissidents who busted Iran's nuke program in the first place:J O S H U A P U N D I T: The nuclear project Ahmadinejad didn't brag about. I wrote about this almost a year ago.

In any event, the threat we face from Iran is conventional in nature at this point. And it can be dealt with without having to invade and occupy the country.I won't spam the board with another link, but look on my site if you like under `Operation Mullah Stomp.'

Let's not let the Bush Administration stupidity in post war Iraq or his silly attitudes about `Arab democracy' blind us to the fact that we're in a war, and we had better win.


Comment Posted By Freedom Fighter On 17.01.2007 @ 14:15

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