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Air: Never said "Blood for Oil." Never said (or implied) goods coming in from China was "happy cash." If you can't understand the influence a creditor nation has over a debtor nation, well, I'm sure there's a Jr College right down the street that can help you.

Good night, girls. Gotta go.

Comment Posted By Franklin Pierce On 2.06.2005 @ 18:05

Never said there was going to be a draft, Little Ricky. Try getting a little closer to your computer screen and squinting.

Comment Posted By Franklin Pierce On 2.06.2005 @ 17:02

Fresh Air: Let me type slowly so you can keep up. By "Happy Cash" we're talking about Georgie's propensity to borrow money in order to maintain popular Federal programs while refusing to raise the cash through taxes it would take to maintain them. That the GOP offers to maintain these programs through the borrowing of money rather than actually paying for them is a sign of the fiscal irresponsibility that has made us the world's #1 debtor nation. And if you don't think Iraq was all about oil, then you're a bigger fool than even I thought.

Comment Posted By Franklin Pierce On 2.06.2005 @ 16:59

The polls all came out in the last two weeks, Little Ricky. And the draft? Maybe we should start with all those Young Republicans and see how quickly they start growing their hair. And it is true, Little Georgie's war has changed the face of the Earth. You should pay a visit now and again and see exactly how.

Comment Posted By Franklin Pierce On 2.06.2005 @ 16:54

Fresh Air: Latest Zogby (46% approval), Pew (43%), ARG (43%), and Gallup (48%) all show the Little President's numbers sinking deeper into the crapper in the last couple of weeks. As far as national defense (recruitment goals in the tank, forces over extended due to Georgie's vanity oil war), lower taxes (resulting in exponential debt growth as Wimpy Bush lacks the balls to cut programs or stop increasing the Fed head count), free trade (Communist Chinese goods flooding into the country as Bush again lacks the balls to mess with the source of so much of his happy cash), and Social Security reform (kids are going to need those accounts to help pay off all that Georgie Bush debt they're expected to handle!)? Well, just looks like a big old record of failure to those of us on planet Earth.

The lame duck is starting to smell real funny. Try coming up for air once in a while and check it out.

Comment Posted By Franklin Pierce On 2.06.2005 @ 16:42

That is the problem with extremist reactionary politics, sans a steady diet of confrontation with the purportedly evil institutions that threaten us all with evil and decay, the agenda shrivels. And let's face it, without Gays, welfare recipients and immigrants to get all sweaty about, what exactly does the right have to offer this country anymore? Besides exponential debt growth, world-wide opprobrium, and war, of course.

We've now passed the tipping point for the reactionary agenda in this country. Bush's poll numbers are declining rather quickly now, and even some of his fellow Republicans in Congress are starting to step away.

Ford, eh? I guess the Sponge Bob thing didn't work out for them.

Comment Posted By Franklin Pierce On 2.06.2005 @ 15:57


And you brought up Woodward because? Oh, never mind.

Comment Posted By Franklin Pierce On 31.05.2005 @ 17:27

There is one very glaring flaw in your reasoning here, Mr. Superhawk. If Mr. Felt is the publicity hound you claim he is, why would he have waited all this time for his moment to bask in the spotlight?

Perhaps the real cause of your discomfort is Mr Felt's decision to go public now? Certainly it will bring to many peoples' minds a time when the media was far more courageous than it is now, and that even presidents weren't safe from the relentless inquiry of dedicated journalists interested in uncovering the truth.

We certainly could use someone like him now.

Comment Posted By Franklin Pierce On 31.05.2005 @ 14:49


Interesting, but what a dilemma! What should Bush admit he was wrong on first? So many things to choose from. Lying us into a war would be a good place to start. Groveling before the families whose loved ones died in a conflict over WMD that didn't exist might not quite be enough to undo his karmic debt to those whose lives were destroyed for nothing, but it would be a start. And then mortgaging the future of the country to places like Communist China through the borrowing of hundreds of billions of dollars to prop up his destructive tax cuts for his corporate pals would be a situation also deserving of the president's personal abasement.

Can we start with those two?

Comment Posted By Franklin Pierce On 27.05.2005 @ 14:09


William's comment regarding Muslims believing God is the reason for their actions is patently unfair. That honor belongs exclusively to the American Republican Party.

Comment Posted By Franklin Pierce On 23.05.2005 @ 13:56

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