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What about what radical Muslims are engaged in here? Oh, wait, dead soldiers just out of basic don't count, I guess....

Dang, I never knew how horribly inefficient my side is! We advocate the murder of those with the slightest doctrinal difference, yet disavow the once-a-decade killings.... Gee, we really must all be nuts, as well as horribly ineffective.

Guess we need to take lessons from those wonderful women-loving folks in the abortion business, who kill a minimum of ten adult women a year.

Comment Posted By Foxfier On 2.06.2009 @ 10:46

Depending on what you consider rabidly pro-life, I might qualify.... The origin of that is biology to philosophy, though, so I don't know.

*shrug* Either way, violent nutcase with over 15 years of being a violent nutcase killed someone who made a living killing unwanted children who could survive outside of the womb, folks who support that are going to use it, and more kids older than my nephew was when he was born will be killed.


Comment Posted By Foxfier On 1.06.2009 @ 15:47


Since all the information is available, and folks are already working to check it, I'll wait to yell safe. (Also mildly peeved that Fox wasn't willing to put as much work/effort into investigation as bloggers are, but old media, etc.; in their defense, they did say it was preliminary.)

I'd also point out that they checked Dem vs Repub, while the original allegation was Obama vs everyone else.

Comment Posted By Foxfier On 29.05.2009 @ 10:33

What was the necessity of this action? What good has it done?

hey, some good could come out of it! Just need to check what the 2010 election donations look like.....

Comment Posted By Foxfier On 28.05.2009 @ 18:42

Hehe, this is the most reserved "this sounds bad-- we need to research to see if it is bad, and then do something when it's proven beyond a reasonable doubt" I've seen so far, and you still have folks yelling you're a loon.

Wasn't there a cartoon back in the Clinton years that showed Clinton holding an axe, covered with blood, standing over a corpse and saying "it wasn't me" followed by reporters saying "good enough!" and walking away?

Those who believe Obama craps marigolds will never believe anything - no matter what the proof - that would upset their image of the messiah.


Comment Posted By Foxfier On 28.05.2009 @ 14:40


Well, I guess you win then. Such irrefutable and overwhelming factual evidence.

But of course, had to match your own proof via stereotype.

The closest I got was in rejecting Creationism.

By...accusing them of being so anti-medicine that they'd let their child die. By accusing them of being failures because they don't believe in the goop to geek form of human development.

Comment Posted By Foxfier On 12.05.2009 @ 22:08

funny man -
Define "a long time." Fifty years? Kinda true-- went from lower to upper half of 300 PPM.
250? Higher than today, from the measurements taken at the time. Millions of years? Not so much.
There's also that CO2 isn't that bad

Your accusations that folks are conspiracy nuts really doesn't respond to anything said, it's just throwing monkey doo....

Everybody in this country can believe, or not believe, whatever the hell they like.

Yay! Good! So stop complaining about them not agreeing with you.

Never responded to the current massive ignorance of basic science from the folks who aren't home schooled.

I'll tell you what-- we'll each make companies with a group of doctors, a group of architects and a group of folks to design rockets.
You take the folks from only public school, I'll take only home-schooled kids, for their K-12 education.
I don't care if they think that Zeus made the land by sneezing, my group will still have a better grasp of hard sciences-- even if they don't agree with all of your favorite little theories.

(Shoot, the home schooled kids could probably even explain that the "Theory of Gravity" is so called because, even though we know stuff will fall when we drop it here on Earth, we still aren't sure how it works in the greater universe. That is, there are still different theories on the details.)

Comment Posted By Foxfier On 12.05.2009 @ 18:28

Great, so you don't like their religion. Fine. Amazingly, they're use to that, and they can cope.

If you're worried about a generation growing up ignorant of science, you might want to worry about the ones already here-- you know, the same ones that sign petitions to ban "dihydrogen monoxide"? The ones that accept computer models of the future that can't accurately model the past conditions and reach the current present, because a movie was made of them?

BTW, please buy my megalodon repellent next time you are out in a boat; if there isn't a shark the size of a bus out there-- it's a waste of money. If there is, though, it could save your entire ship! Isn't that risk worth the cost? Oh, and it's a little radioactive, so it might actually cause some harm...but not from sharks!
(CO2 in the air makes plants grow better; this has been shown in several different experiments--I can look them up, if you'd like? Reduce it much further than it is now, and it can get to dangerous lows where plant growth is harmed.)

Comment Posted By Foxfier On 12.05.2009 @ 10:03

Travis Monitor -
Well said.

We shouldn't follow stupid plans because some of the steps are alright; if the actions can't stand on their own, we shouldn't do them "because CO2 will destroy the world!!!!"

A lot of the things are ones I'd do-- buy energy efficent houses, various other energy-saving measures, because they save money and effort.

Comment Posted By Foxfier On 12.05.2009 @ 00:12

The problem isn't so much how loud or not-loud the disagreeable sub-groups are-- they still would be the only examples pointed to, because it's a good club.

If you don't want to actually deal with someone's argument, you start calling them names. If you are loud enough, and have sympathetic coverage, it works-- may as well be screaming "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

Can anyone here imagine Rush Limbaugh calling even Jessie Jackson a "house N****"? How about a 'political comic' with him done up like a turn-of-last-century stereotype?
Yet Dr. Rice and, well, pretty much any other African American that's conservative can be called and drawn thus without attention being drawn outside of some of the "alternative media."

Comment Posted By Foxfier On 11.05.2009 @ 23:34

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