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Let me propose an argument.

Al Qaeda in Iraq targets a Shia funeral, bombs it and kills 60 to 70 Shias in Baghdad. What ensues is some "retaliation" against local Sunnis. Perhaps 5 to 10 Sunnis are shot and killed the next two days by rogue Shias linked to the funeral attendees.

My argument is this. Those 5 to 10 Sunni casualties would not have occurred without the instigating act by Al Qaeda. My further argument is this. U.S. and Iraqi troops take out the Al Q operatives BEFORE the funeral bombing...that equals 0 Shia deaths at the funeral and 0 Sunni deaths after the funeral.

My contention is simple. 80% of the violence and deaths in Iraq in the past 3 months have been the result of either direct attacks by Al Qaeda or the ensuing reprisals sparked by the Al Qaeda attacks.

It's my contention as well that you can follow the pattern of deaths as Al Qaeda moves within the country. As Al Q shifts from Anbar east to Baghdad, deaths in Anbar decrease, Baghdad goes Al Q shift into Diyala, deaths and attacks go up there.

My final point. Al Q operations are all about chaos. Their chaos creates cover for Sunni insurgents and Shia militia. Remove the cover created by Al Q chaos and the will of the insurgents and militia dissipates.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 2.05.2007 @ 10:16

ME's comment totally defines the great divide here in the U.S. on the Iraq War.

Harry Reid and the gang of Ostriches simply do not believe Al Qaeda is the problem in Iraq. They do not fear what Al Qaeda would do if U.S. Troops withdraw.

The POTUS along with the majority of the Repubs have recognized what Al Qaeda has done to constantly intensify the conflicts of this war. Our military leaders on the ground just called Al Qaeda in Iraq "Public Enemy #1."

Every single MAJOR bombing in Iraq in the past two months has been engineered and executed by Al Qaeda. Shia militia murders and death squads have become almost non-existent and Sunni insurgents have turned their attention to hunting Al Qaeda who betrayed them. stated, " Of course not, because given the facts, that would be an insane argument" My suggestion is you quit being lazy, read up on the real facts of this War (and no, i don't mean Right blogs or Administration briefings) - look up all of the latest daily reports and find out for yourself who is behind the attacks on Iraqis AND U.S. Troops.

Your argument isn't insane, ME. Your argument is simply wrong.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 2.05.2007 @ 09:06


So Rick,

Are you starting to think it just isn't your day..err...check, make that week!

I'm tellin' ya, it's a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!

: )

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 1.05.2007 @ 16:12


r4d20, say "ridiculous."

If the end result of all of this is the complete withdrawl of U.S. Troops from Iraq and a full surrender by us there, then I challenge you to give me one example of a military action by the U.S. that this Congress would approve in the future (where U.S. soil has not been attacked). Just one.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 30.04.2007 @ 20:38


Good posting. I'd like to make two comments - one that supports your position and one that supports Dan Riehl's.

1. You make a good point about how things can change, dramatically. I would like to point out that another element of the Iraqi War, one we here in America have never encountered before, is the Age of Media Saturation. Let's face it...never before have the American people been inundated with the pictures of death and destruction from not only the MSM but cable news and the blogs. I don't think I have to mention what two or three carefully "constructed" headlines in the NYTimes and WaPo can do for public opinion during this time. Compare the daily record of car bombings, suicide bombers, assasinations, troop casualties with say a Bosnia conflict. There has never been anything like this. It changed the effort immensely. And to support your view, this is the main reason President Bush failed in his "tight-lipped" presentation of the War progress and updates.

2. I don't speak for Dan Riehl but I sense a lot of us on the Right see this Iraq War as so much more than just avoiding a disaster or winning or getting by. I, personally, believe this has now developed into a defining moment for this Country in our approach to the World Advancement of Islamofascism. I have no doubt that if the Dems succeed, that U.S. troops are withdrawn and we leave Iraq, it will be next to impossible for the U.S.A. to EVER confront another enemy anywhere - the idea that one U.S. troop loss is less acceptable than a stoppage of Islamic extremism and terror will take root and will define the new age of the U.S. We will reflect the passiveness of Europe.

My continued support of the Iraq War effort does not mean I'm an idiot and don't see our transgressions and missteps. It doesn't mean I buy the entire canned Administration updates. It does mean I think the precipice we are at is wide and dangerous. And one last point. If the American people were shown in complete detail, all of the scenarios of the U.S. pulling out and leaving the vacuum of Iraq, shown those consequences, I believe a 60% support of troop pullout will sink to 30%. A symbolic or "minor" troop re-deployment will mean a full and unconditional surrender in Iraq - to think the Liberals will settle for anything less would be a greater mistake than any made in this War by President Bush.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 30.04.2007 @ 10:25



I wonder. Isn't "conditional loud applause" actually more like a subtle disagreement?

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 29.04.2007 @ 08:14

Took some guts to write this piece, Rick - I give you credit for that. I'm one of those that cringed when we invaded Iraq - I was not totally against it but very fearful of the risks of basically doing it "alone" compared to the Gulf War.

And of course, I was traumatized by what ended up happening along the way (after the initial swift victory over Saddam's armies).

Something changed for me though. And that was simply the bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarrah. That event, that act of incitement, to me...was the turning point of this whole conflict/War and when it became obvious that Al Qaeda had done the bombing - my thought pattern changed completely and ever since that moment in time I have been steadfast in that we have to stay and win. Al Qaeda became the enemy (my public enemy #1 since then) at that point.

It's my belief that there has been too much hate, anger and mistrust flung around the halls of Congress and D.C. in general for either side to bend on this War. The Democrats truly have put the 2008 Election on this War ending - soon!

To me, we cannot leave until Al Qaeda is gone - until they have either retreated to elsewhere or every last one is a burning ember. General Petraeus states now that Al Qaeda is "Public Enemy #1" and Harry Reid and the gang feel we are in the middle of Sunni and Shia Civil War - those two views are at opposite ends of the spectrum and a "compromise" seems unachievable.

If we leave, Al Qaeda owns Iraq - and the only thing that will displace AQ at that time from Iraq (with us gone) will be a full-fledged invasion by Iran and I don't think anyone wishes to see those consequences.

Again Rick, thanks for tackling a tough viewpoint, I applaud you.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 28.04.2007 @ 21:18


Thanks for the update Rick - hope that cough and all is on the way out like Fayed! I'll take Barry up on the Mole Hunting/Easter Egg hunt and throw my pick for "Mole of the Year" as .... :crowd gasps: Milo!

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 10.04.2007 @ 17:29


My first reaction (as you predicted) was for my jaw to drop to the floor. My second reaction was how this woman actually functions in life! :wink:

I do find the comment about Saddam allowing U.N. staging areas in Iraq for a military push into Afghanistan intriguing. Talk about a turnaround! Saddam would have gone from not allowing a nerdy U.N. inspector with a pocket protector into his country but would let 150,000 Christian troops assemble in Tikrit?!

There is one bright spot in all of this - I don't live next door to "PhoenixWoman."

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 31.03.2007 @ 23:48


...oh, and i'm reading up on how to spell "Caesar" haha

by the way, Tano..regarding your posting: are you saying that we still have Republican Congressmen in Syria (were they taken hostage?) and Nancy is going over there on a Special Ops mission to rescue them??!! If so, maybe after the operation she can take a shuttle to Tehran and free the Brits!

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 1.04.2007 @ 00:09

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