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Hezbollah, when it comes down to brass tacks, considers Syria's support paramount to Iran's. And thus, Hezbollah's marching orders will be simple. Stop this Tribunal. And the strategy of doing that will be another capture of Israeli soldiers - Hezbollah was emboldened last summer...and if they can provoke the Israelis into a repeat performance, that Tribunal will never form, let alone act.

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Bottom line is this. Hillary Clinton wins the Dem Nomination. No question about it. If Obama doesn't concede to her prior to the Dem Convention, he'll simply end up as another suicide victim in a car in a Virginia park. No note, no reason, no more interference.

You didn't really think he asked for Secret Service protection because of a threat from a regular citizen, do you?

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Since ABC seems very eager to be on the cutting edge and wants to broadcast revolutionary new details before ANYONE else in the MSM, here's two earth-shattering "hot news tips" for ABC:

1. The U.S. Military is fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq!

2. There is no civil war in Iraq!

Now, I just need to make sure I watch for these stories tomorrow morning with Diane Sawyer!

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 23.05.2007 @ 17:52



You mentioned in this piece that the Democrats might err and " fail to articulate a positive message that will give the people an idea of what kind of country they want the United States to be."

Now, you don't really expect that do you??!!

I mean, think about it. The Democratic campaign, whether it is Clinton, Gore or Obama will NEVER reveal what their vision of the country is - they actually never do. They deal in the vagure, in hyperbole. A distinct picture of Higher Taxes, More Governmental Control, More Murder of the Unborn, Soft on Crime, Gun Control....well, that Truth doesn't lead to votes.

The Democrats base a successful campaign on simply running on criticism of Country and opponents and have never, ever presented themselves as visionary or problem-solvers or leaders.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 16.05.2007 @ 19:00


Well, I'm not exactly sure how this read differs that much from what we saw a couple of weeks ago here but I wanted to point something out.

I firmly believe that the situation in Iraq, at this moment, is VASTLY improved over that 3 months ago. It's not just the's momentum. It's the formation of the Anbar Salvation , it's the now newly formed Diyala Salvation.

What everyone has been crying out for months and months and years has been for Iraq to become more stable - a stability that will give the process a chance. This has been the quietest week in MONTHS in Iraq...Why??? Because Al Qaeda is running in circles with not enough eyes in their head. They have a bullseye painted on them - and Sunni insurgents, Sunni tribes loyal to the Iraqi Govt, and U.S./Coalition troops all taking aim.

Am I saying there won't be some major bombing from now on? Of course not. But I think a person, whether a commenter here, or the blogger, or a Congressman or Senator who tries to say that things are NOT improving is in complete denial or simply doesn't care.

Imagine, just imagine....the U.S. Troops being three months away from shoring up Iraq and they get pulled. It's a shameful thought.

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Congrats to all of you that were on the Heading Right Recap show last night on BlogTalk - I had to miss the debate so it was great to get all of views you folks shared last night - and yes, Cap'n Ed did an awesome job of herding you cats (okay, just kidding!).

My only complaint about the show was it was too brief! You shoulda had an hour!

I think the best part of the Heading Right recap was the fact that I did get a lot of the play-by-play WITHOUT having to deal with the inevitable nausea of listening to Chris Matthews.

Anyway, nice job - I enjoyed it.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 4.05.2007 @ 07:47


Privacy Proponent stated: "In the end, there will be a withdrawal, and Democrats will have the White House and a big congressional majority."

You know, if you made that into a movie, it would rival the box office sales of "The Exorcist" and "The Omen" series combined! : )

But seriously, if you are correct in this prediction Privacy, it would be a four year stint that more than likely would finally put the nails into the coffin of the Democratic Party. This country, and you have to realize how horrifying this is for me to say, might just need a new lesson in a country run by Liberals. An excruciating lesson. You made your prediction. I'll make mine based on yours.

If the Dems win the White House and a big majority in both the House and Senate in the end of that four year White House term, you will see a viable 3 party system in America. The GOP, A new center/left party and the Democrats - and the Democrats will not be in the White House come 2012, they will have less than 100 seats in the House and will have maybe 15 seats in the Senate.

Of course, my prediction does all hinge on whether or not the Country can survive until 2012.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 3.05.2007 @ 15:39

As I have seen reports in the past 24 hours go from the Iraqis killing Al-Masri to Al-Baghdadi to now apparently actually killing Muharib Abdul's been a reminder of "things aren't always what they appear."

With that being said, I'm going to offer up something that, believe me, I have no proof of but I think it is worth considering.

It's my unsubstantiated belief that when Maliki was elected and took over in Iraq, very early on, the Iranians contacted Maliki and assured him that Iran would watch his back - that they would not let happen to him what happened with the Shia uprising against Saddam when the Shias paid a huge price. It is my guess that the Iranians said the U.S. would pull out and that they, Iran, would be the protector from Sunni retaliation.

It's also my view that not long after that, the Iranians decided to play their game covering all bases and they doubled down by talking secretly with Al-Sadr.

Maliki found out about the "double dealings" and saw proof of Iran's supply of weaponry to Al Sadr's militia about the same time that Bush gave Maliki his word that the U.S. was staying for the duration.

Maliki's next step was to basically take the teflon off of Al-Sadr and sure enough, Sadr disapppears from Iraq.

With all that being said. I think two other things have happened. 1) Maliki has come to understand that Bush means what he says and thus Maliki has decided this whole thing might just work
2) Maliki decided to give some "unifying" strategy a chance and has seen the Sunni tribes in Anbar come on board with the central government, to some extent.

I'm leaning towards a situation in Iraq in six months that will leave many, many people scratching their heads and saying, "Wow." I'm not saying that in six months all will be calm and collected but I believe that in six months, the U.S. and Iraqi militaries will have dealt HUGE blows to al Qaeda - they will have them scattered, leaderless and wandering...and at the same time, I think two or three other Sunni groups will be in negotiations with the central government. I hope I'm right.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 3.05.2007 @ 07:46



Your posting #26 is dead on. Thank you for an awesome expression of truth there.

I then viewed Richard's and it became obvious that when "reason" and "clarity of thought" were being handing out, Richard was more than likely telling someone...."We told you the Earth was flat!"

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 2.05.2007 @ 18:46

Thanks for the feedback. Good stuff.

I guess I have a question. If I am a Sunni insurgent and I am seeking the chaos for cover so I can continue my fight against the hated occupier, do I not have any sense of the repurcussions of the "occupier" leaving? In other words, am I convinced that a fight/war JUST between me and my Sunni brethren and the Shias is indeed winnable by
my side?

Am I counting on support from the Sauds to counteract the support from Iran to ther other side if the Americans pull out?

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 2.05.2007 @ 10:56

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