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Syria will roll through Lebanon like a steamroller through vanilla pudding. And no one will stand up for Lebanon. And Syria will line its forces along the Israeli border, side by side with Hezbollah while Hamas lines up in Gaza and just for good measure, Al Qaeda will begin the attack on Jordan. And the World will sit on its collective hands.

The Harry Reids and the John Murthas and the New York Times and the Rick Morans will have used and nurtured the Iraq War Surrender attitude in the U.S. to a point that while Israel burns our Marines will be back at their bases in the Carolinas turning out the last light.

Lebanon is lost and it's barely started. If any of you know any Americans in Lebanon and Israel, get em out now because they will be lambs left to slaughter.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 10.07.2007 @ 21:48



You mentioned, " My prediction? Better install a tampax dispenser in the Oval Office bathroom. "

I take it you meant that would be needed for the harem of new girlfriends,a.k.a interns of the new President's First Man starting in the year 2009.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 8.07.2007 @ 22:26



That is one helluva good post!

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 7.07.2007 @ 22:41

#18 ed said:

" No, but I CAN tell you the number of U.S. troop deaths in Iraq after we leave: 0 "

Oh, i get it now Ed. Thanks for the clarification.

You know Ed, if we were to call all of the troops home, have them turn in their uniforms, weapons and medals. Then call back all the troops from Korea, Japan, Germany, Philippines, etc. and have them do the same thing...then close all of our bases and shut down every recruiting station, we could probably ensure your goal of " 0 " for many years to come!

Name one military action, at this point in time, Ed that you would support other than on American soil. I doubt seriously you would agree to American troops going anywhere in this world.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 7.07.2007 @ 14:00

Well Rick, you can certainly disagree with my scenarios but to call them utter nonsense? Tell me, what were the numbers of civilians killed in VietNam and Cambodia after the U.S. left?

So in answer to your calling my sharings as nonsense, i'd offer up that you have no way of knowing what a domino effect initial withdrawls will create. You, Rick, cannot say for sure there won't be a resounding plea in America saying,"We've decided not to fight so get every SINGLE one of our boys out of there."

And finally, you can't tell me with any certainty what the death count in Iraq will be without the presence of U.S. troops and their U.S. commanded Iraqi troops.

Rick, I agree with you on probably 90% of the views you put on this site. I have disagreed with your stance on the Iraqi War from day one but I never left your site - I mean really, can anyone out there name one blog that matches their viewpoint completely? But at the same time, although I used a soft-hearted "slam" of saying "you've lost it", well you calling my points "utter nonsense" and lacking "intelligent speculation" ...well, I'm starting to wonder if 40% have left because of your view on the Iraqi War or perhaps....could it be something else? : )

I ain't going nowhere, by the way...I enjoy your writing and there's always those other 9 out of 10 points you make that make me nod in agreement.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 6.07.2007 @ 18:06

I don't know if anyone has actually ever noticed the small tattoo that Harry Reid has on his left forearm, but for what it's worth, it appears to say "Tano." : )

Now, as to the article and point of view. First off, I'm convinced there is NOTHING the U.S. and Iraqi forces could do in Iraq right now to please any of the surrender goats in America. Nothing. There could be 3 straight weeks of no casualties and no civilian deaths and the WaPo or NYT would find some bodies somewhere, whether it is true or not, they'll print it.

As for the al-Malicki government and their snail like process in resolving their new country's issues. Well, I'd point out that there is a country to the West of Iraq which actually just celebrated its 231st birthday - 231 years of "perfecting" a democratically elected government but the amazing part is to review the "progress" of that said Country's government in the first six months of 2007. I ask you. Which country is 231 years old and which one is 4 years old?

One last point. Rick, you actually believe that by changing direction in Iraq, by drawing down the troops, re-deploying them, whatever you want to call REALLY think that this wave of American sentiment towards the Iraqi War, and the Dems in Congress will allow one single U.S. troop to remain in Iraq? If you really think that, I think you have now lost it. I'll lay it out.

Initial troop withdrawl: 35,000

Secondary withdrawl from all of Iraq except Baghdad: 75,000

Six months later: Baghdad troops cut in half leaving 20,000 troops. that same month, 28 troop deaths. So, the next month, remaining 20,000 are sent to Kuwait.

1 year later: Iraqi Sunni death count - 435,000
Iraqi Shia death count - 200,000
Iraqi Kurd death count - 50,000

and that's just a year later, for the death count totals after 2 years, you'll need a new calculator.

But fair is fair, they had 4 years to get a government up and running to our standards. So, off with their heads, right?

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 6.07.2007 @ 17:31


Taylor Marsh should be the poster child for: " Friends Don't Let Friends Write Drunk"

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 4.07.2007 @ 10:20


Great piece, Rick - it made my day and it will make my day tomorrow with my Dad even more special, so thank you for writing it.

sidenote: as it says on page 282 of the Big Book, "I could not expect to keep what I had gained unless I gave it away."

: )

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 16.06.2007 @ 18:58


The headline over at says it all:

" USS Enterprise heads to Iran"

(that makes THREE aircraft carriers off Iran)

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 2.06.2007 @ 15:05

I'll just ask one innocent little question here because this thread has gotten a bit "testy."

Can anyone enlighten me as to a single concession that Iran has EVER made in any negotiation in its history?

And one final point. The scariest thing about Iran is that in all of the discussions about their nuclear ambitions, the taking of the Brits, their financing Hezbollah and Hamas, theit supplying training and weaponry to Iraq all of this, they actually believe they are right on all issues. They aren't pretending or hedging their bets or looking for a better position and throwing out some claims - they actually BELIEVE they are correct on all fronts. I think every one of us, at some time in our life, has run into a person who is either mentally unstable or full-blown psychotic and we have all experienced that sudden urge to get away from that person - not one of us would have ever considered sitting down with that person and trying to reason with him/her.

And like it or not, Iran is flat out, clinically insane.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 2.06.2007 @ 14:02

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