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"Wright is an anti-white, anti-Semitic, conspiracy mongering, race baiting, unity destroying anti-American, Christian preacher."

I think this section needs a small edit. Instead of Christian Preacher, it should read either So called Christian preacher or Alleged Christian preacher.

A true Christian would have walked out and done everything he/she could to get this guy tossed out of any church he infested with his presence.

Just my $1.35. (Dollar isn't worth what it should be these days)

Comment Posted By evilned On 20.03.2008 @ 17:24


Isn't Keifer Southerland in jail right now for a dui conviction? I seem to recall that they said he could finish shooting the season, but when the strike hit, he decided to do his time now.
(Unlike certain blond female drunks, he's probably do the whole sentence)

That makes me think he expects this season to be a total loss. I did hear they had 10 episodes already in the can, so they could just start the season in the summer rather then wait until next year.

Now for my anti-union rant...

Personally, I think the studios should just announce that if anyone wants to try writing, to send in samples of their work. You would need to set up some sort of protection for copyrights, but I would bet they have something like that in place now.

These unions have long since outlived their usefulness to the workers and are now an actual threat to their jobs. Time for the studio management to actively look at breaking the unions. I really think they could do it now if they wanted to.

Comment Posted By Evilned On 14.01.2008 @ 10:08

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