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Big Air: So which one are you? See No Evil, Speak No Evil, or Say No Evil?

Comment Posted By Ellard Brighton On 20.05.2005 @ 09:40

6 consecutive months of ratings decline at Fox? Wow. That must be quite a relief for you. I hear their new slogan is going to be: "We decline, you whine."

Anybody see the Chicago Trib article on purported Koran desecrations by US military folks? Looks like the Red Cross is talking now. Should they now be held responsible for anti-American riots in Afghanistan as well? Or will it be The Tribune? Oh my gosh, so many guilty parties to blame for General Georgie's military debacles.


Comment Posted By Ellard Brighton On 19.05.2005 @ 18:40

Now that Fox News's ratings have fallen for the 6th consecutive quarter, have you begun to consider that perhaps the angry rightwing ideologue shtick is going out of style? And that blaming a news magazine for Bush's myriad failures in South Asia is a gambit that just isn't going to make it with as many people as it might have a year or two back?

Comment Posted By Ellard Brighton On 19.05.2005 @ 12:13

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