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The Anchoress's response to my comment re: Donahue, Savage, Coulter, O'Reilly, and Limbaugh is a bit of sophistry. These people have access to huge nationwide audieces on both network and cable news and radio. They spew a great deal of hate and lies virtually without consequence. A couple of thousand "Pandagons" wouldn't begin to rival their reach.

Many of us on the left feel the need to strike back hard aganst these kind of people -- bullies of the worst kind who thrive on fear, ignorance, and hatred of the other. It is not necessarily the best thing in the world for the level of discourse in the country.

Despite Rick's belated plea for civility, I remain skeptical about the prospects for constructive dialogue. All too often my experience of the ideological and religious right is reminiscent of dealing with Leninists. Everything is about advancing the party (and until recently George Bush), truth is conditional at best, the ends justify the means, and everything is fair game. Constant pressure is maintained on MSM entities to promote the right wing line, which they do to an astonishing degree. Thus, in the last couple of weks I've read nonsensical stories about Pelosi's quest for a larger plane, Edwards' house sale, Obama's Madrassa education, Hilary's alleged attack on Obama. None of these stories has been newsworthy and/or true. However, the right wing noise machine gets behind them and pushes them regardless of merit, because that's how its done now.

Amanda is small potatoes compared to this beast.

Comment Posted By Edwards Supporter On 8.02.2007 @ 22:05

I left a perfectly civil comment yesterday that didn't get posted. Hoefully a glitch and not the censoring of a dissenting view.

I would like there to be some acknowledgement that William Donahue does not speak for the vast majority of Catholics in this country who overwhelmingly support (and use) contraception, accept divorce as a fact of life, and are pro-choice on abortion. Moreover, Mr. Donahue thinks we should all be sensitive to his views, but he is perfectly comfortable engaging in vicious anti-semitic, racist and homophobic diatribes on the airwaves.

I enjoy Amanda's writing, although I was surprised that the Edwards camp hired her. She is a bit over the top for a mainstream campaign. But face it, she's a pretty obscure blogger with a small audience of like-minded people for the most part.

On the other hand, people like Donahue, and other acolytes of the right, such as Limbaugh, Coulter, D'Souza, O'Reilly and Savage (to name a scant few) are routinely featured in mainstream media and nothing they say, however outrageous, untrue, and hurtful, ever seems to prevent the MSM from continuing to treat them as respectable people.

As a person on the secular left, I am supposed to accept being characterized by these people as immoral, traitorous, cowardly, and amazingly enough, both an unspeakable libertine and a supporter of fundamentalist Islam.

Comment Posted By Edwards Supporter On 8.02.2007 @ 17:08

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