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Carroll's reporting days ......wrote for the student
paper at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

After college, Carroll worked as a reporting assistant for The Wall
Street Journal until August 2002. 24 years old. She then moved to Jordan and
reported for the Jordan Times for one year 25 years old before pursuing a freelance (?)[CIA]

Carroll worked at The Jordan Times for one year after working at WALL STREET JOURNAL

Ann Arbor, Michigan --- Huron High School (Jill Carroll is a 1995 Graduate)

Jordan Times 2002-2003-2004?


Here are a few thoughts from those that knew her personally.

This from Baghdad Treasure:

''She was in love, but not with a man. She was in love with Iraq and
its people. She always felt that she belongs to this country. It was
obvious in her eyes. once, I had hamburger for lunch. "What is this?"
she said sarcastically. "You leave all this delicious Iraqi food and
eat a Hamburger?" she used to come to the office when she has time and
we spend great time altogether. I wonder what she is doing now. It's
cold. Is she covered well? She was kidnapped wearing her light black
abaya. She used to call it a "bullet-proof abaya" but it seems she was
mistaken. I am afraid that she might die out of the shock seeing her
translator, the friend, killed in front of her.''

On the blog 24 Steps to Liberty a fellow reporter in Baghdad relates:

''She loved this country and its people. She sympathized with its
sufferings and committed to tell the truth. When I talked to her about
how the Iraqis live, she always cried. She cried for the sufferings of
Iraq more than Iraqis. She has the nicest heart in this world. When I
blamed Iraqis for what is happening in the country, she said "don't
blames the Iraqis. You should blame the governments for what they do."
I remember once we were chatting and I asked her, "so where is home
for you?" And without hesitation or a moment to think, she said "This
is home. Iraq. Why? What's wrong with that?" and as the chat goes on,
at some point she smiled and said "I know my fate is in Iraq."

There is a much bigger story here, of who exactly is was will be JILL CARROLL and why was she so in love, xtreme love, with ARABIC culture and IRAQ? Was it a kind of misplaced romanticism or sexuality gone political cultural?

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