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The downside of this plan is that the number of imbeciles was underestimated .. speaks volumes about the state of education.

... or your definition of "imbecile". ;) But hey, why not ask John Cornyn if he thinks if it is all just crazy talk? If the Club for Growth led purge continues unabated the Democratic Senate caucus might just manage to swell to the nearly unthinkable 67. The Democracts already hold the majority of Rep seats in 2/3s of the states (33 to 16, 1 tie). At the point of a 2/3's majority in the Senate they may start [i]unilaterally changing the rules of the Senate[/i].

Then who'll you call imbecilic?

Comment Posted By Dwight On 7.05.2009 @ 10:50

A thoughtful and commendable post. But I take issue with a few things, or at least they concern me.

But there are some issues where no compromise is possible; abortion, gay marriage...For conservatives, those issues are “no go” zones and I agree that a stand must be taken and battles fought to preserve ... simple, human liberty

I hope you'll agree with my extraction of pertinent parts. I tried to not take anything out of context and if I misunderstand you then please correct me. I see a huge flaw in these being "no go" zones, as being places without "compromise". Or at least places without room for common ground and agreement outside the standards I've seen far too much of. Certainly not that I've seen clearly articulated outside a few "Blue Dogs" and other Democrats like the Catholic Joe Biden who have personal views about those matters. In truth it has been the Republican Party, for decades now, that has been willing to take positions that sacrifice liberties in pursuit of their stances on these two items. That has been willing to vet and nominate Supreme Court judges to screen out judges that are predisposed to lean towards protection of privacy and individual liberties in hopes of overturning Roe v Wade and hold the line on legal standing of homosexuality, because when it comes down to the brass tacks of the objective evidence requires such for the outcome of cases to match the GOP policies.

Until the bulk of the GOP, leadership and members, comes to grips with this and adopt appropriate policy stances they will continue to isolate themselves from both truly standing for individual liberties and from national office.

Perhaps you understand this I have just read you post wrong. If so my apologies.

And what do I care that the Democrats have fewer pragmatists or “moderates” than the GOP.

I find this judgement highly suspect. At least looking at Congress. What of the Blue Dogs? What analogue is there within the Republican Congress? In the Senate perhaps 3 members ... until in the last week there were 2. Oh, it isn't just the GOP that vilifies those walking the tightrope between the extremes. Arlen Specter is vilified by those within the Democratic Party, too. Somewhere along the line attempting to represent the whole of your constituency rather than just the 50%+1 (sometimes less than 50%) that voted for you [in the general election] became equated to "weasel" and "unprincipled".

But the marked difference is that Specter wasn't forcibly shoved out [yet]. Contrast that with Lieberman, whose sins include a very public endorsement and campaigning for the Republican Presidential candidate. Yet he's been accepted back into caucus.

There may or may not be more "moderates" in the GOP verses the Democratic Party. But among national elected members and those in positions of leadership, those with the hand on the rudder? The evidence clearly speaks to the opposite.

Comment Posted By Dwight On 5.05.2009 @ 23:44


Proof Fred sucks right here - 15,000 Iowans polled and Fred got just 1%.

Comment Posted By Dwight On 29.12.2007 @ 16:08


Gucci Loafers for Fred (GLFF)

Here's an idea to get some excitement stirred up behind Fred. Let's all support Fred by wearing Gucci Loafers everywhere we go.

Gucci Loafers for Fred (GLFF)

Comment Posted By Dwight On 27.12.2007 @ 22:16

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