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Yoyo, you've chosen your name well. Palin is being a mother, taking her daughter to a ball game. To view that as the Governor using Willow as a tool is indicative of blind partisanship and something other than a thought process on your part. By Ms. Yockey's motivation my own letters (and those of dozens of my friends) are now in the boardrooms of Letterman advertisers for 2 reasons. Palin is a principled AND HONEST politician, sadly lacking from both sides of the aisle these days. And to enable us to hold up the scalp of Letterman's career as a marker to those of your ilk that your corrupt and hate-filled politics have crested and your future from this point onward will continue to dim. And those letters WILL be effective. My profession has honed my persuasive writing skills quite nicely, and my track record proves that I know very well how to win.

Joe, your hate-filled rant is not worth my reply. Pardon me while I scrape your essence from the bottom of my shoe.

Comment Posted By Duke On 19.06.2009 @ 06:15


That whole votes for crack deal was a bust. Anyways, I'm sitting on whole lot of rock here in Cuyahoga Falls and am thinking maybe we should plant this crap on one of those pinko senators. Give me a holler if your interested! (LOL)

Comment Posted By Duke On 30.09.2005 @ 00:27

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