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Lesley 146:

"DrMajorBob is a brick short of a load if he relegates child molestation and sexual assault to the bottom of the heap of issues."

Not the bottom of the heap, no. Below the others I mentioned, yes.

Fighting the wrong war at the wrong time, and doing it on borrowed money (first time EVER that we've cut taxes during a war) could lead to the end of our financial independence. We're borrowing half a trillion dollars (and counting) to support the war in Iraq. Borrowing it. Borrowing it, hoping we can keep on borrowing to turn over the debt payments. Borrowing it from China and the Saudis, among others. The debt grows, the interest payments grow, and foreigners buy those debts. All they have to do is stop, and interest rates will skyrocket, plunging us into another Great Depression, or something like it.

If every congressman, Rep or Dem, has a boy-Monica under the desk, that is NOT the biggest thing we have to worry about. Not even close.

Comment Posted By DrMajorBob On 1.10.2006 @ 01:26

B. Poster said (

"During the Civil War Abraham Lincoln suspended Habeus Corpus for a time...

I don’t sense any free floating panic. What I do sense is many Americans including those in the leadership ranks of the Republican and Democratic parties have yet to fully come to grips with the size and the scope of the enemy."

Fair enough; maybe we haven't come to grips with it. Maybe it's a problem that could equal three thousand 911s, eventually. Nine million dead. That sounds bad. That is bad. It's 3% of the US population! Omigod!

But is it worse than giving up the principles we fought for? I don't think so. Is it worth making the same mistakes we made in WW2, now that we know better? I don't think so.

But maybe it is. Maybe the problem is as big as neocons think. Maybe it's far bigger.

In that case, shouldn't we attack the problem intelligently, steadfastly, in the right places, at the right times, with intelligence we can trust? I say again (see #62), Ronald Reagan didn't win the cold war by recklessly attacking the enemy. He won it by responding to individual threats in responsible fashion.

(MOSTLY. His Iran-Contra scandal involved giving Iran some of the weapons that we're worried about today. And he gave Saddam some help, too. But nobody's perfect, I guess.)

Comment Posted By DrMajorBob On 1.10.2006 @ 01:11

I'm a Democrat, and I don't think Foley should be a campaign issue. On the contrary, I think sex scandals and issues of ANY kind (predatorgate, Monica, gay marriage, etc.) are a distraction from MUCH more important issues, such as war, massive deficits, borrowing from China to invade Iraq, unreliable and/or manipulated intelligence, media laziness, habeas corpus, torture, the Geneva Convention, passing on huge debts to our children, and.... I could go on and on.

These are all bigger issues than what somebody wrote someone else in an IM or e-mail, even if Foley truly IS a sexual predator. Even if Hastert is a bigger one. Even if everybody in the Republican congress is a sexual predator, THERE ARE BIGGER ISSUES.

Comment Posted By DrMajorBob On 1.10.2006 @ 00:34

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