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Conservative Republican core values used to include less government, greater individual liberties, fiscal responsibility, national security, reduced taxes and the rule of law prescribed in our Constitution.

These values are shared by many people of all races. For many minorities, GOP conservative values were consistent with their family values and they saw the leadership as being more effective in enhancing our national prosperity and vitality.

The problem is that the GOP is now identified as the neocon party. The neocons see the role of the US as a superpower that must establish and maintain their vision of global order through intervention, military force and nation building. Their policies, and poor execution, have brought our economy to the verge of collapsing and our military stretched to the breaking point.

Minority participation will return and grow if and when the GOP presents a more appealing, conservative agenda.

Comment Posted By DrKrbyLuv On 20.05.2008 @ 14:29


The more we get to know Obama, the worse he looks. Try as they might, the MSM cannot save Obama from himself.

The really sad part is that many conservatives, like myself, feel disenfranchised by the eco-neocon McCain. I really like a lot of Ron Paul's ideas and hope he will speak at the GOP convention but, he falls short on national security as does Barr.

In another article you used the "mulligan" analogy. I wish the GOP could have a mulligan in selecting Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson!

Comment Posted By DrKrbyLuv On 18.05.2008 @ 10:51


You mentioned that Professor Barry Rubin, a recent guest on your radio show, said “To date, the US (and France) have remained largely in the background, letting Saudi King Abdullah carry most of the diplomatic load. But should the US then try to “organically merge” with the pro-democracy Sunnis in Lebanon to match the Iranians and Hizbullah?”

This is a great point and in my opinion, further evidence of one of Bush’s biggest strategic blunders. He has placed too much trust in our “allies” the Saudis and Pakistan. These are the very people most responsible for the growth of radical Islam. How can we continue trusting them to help broker our interests in the world when clearly we have totally different and often conflicting interests.

I hope the US works directly with Lebanon in making sure they have the resources needed to demand that Hizbullah either disarm and become a political party or, be disarmed as criminals. However, the onus to stop Hizbullah squarely falls at the feet of Lebanon’s 2/3 non-shia population. If they are content to capitulate, it will come to be.

Comment Posted By DrKrbyLuv On 18.05.2008 @ 10:32


Babalu: (see post 2)

The great thing about your post is that you can use it anywhere and against any comment that sets you off. Just take out the "radio host" stuff and paste the rest at as many blogs as possible.

Why bother addressing the specific points in the article (that would take some actual knowledge of the issues) when you can use your auto-rant.

Comment Posted By DrKrbyLuv On 16.05.2008 @ 21:18


You absolutely nailed this one! Great article. This is a big story that tells us a lot about the mind of Obama. The more Obama defines his “change” the scarier it gets.

“Our friends in Lebanon are very worried about this man becoming president. They fear he will sell them down the river in order to get a peace deal with Iran or broker a Middle East peace with Syria and Israel. The temptation will be great to do so no matter who is president – McCain or Obama – to give in to Syria’s demands on Lebanon and leave the Lebanese people to the tender mercy of Hizbullah and Gangster Assad’s henchmen.” – Rick Moran

It sounds like Obama is being coached by Jimmy Carter. This is dangerous stuff that will sorely harm our national security. Obama is so bad, I may reconsider my current refusal to vote for the eco-neocon McCain!

Comment Posted By DrKrbyLuv On 16.05.2008 @ 18:00


I agree Hilary should stay in the race and, according to today’s Rasmussen poll (May 14, 2008); 62% of Democrats agree.

More interestingly, in the same poll, 29% of responding Democrats think she should run as an Independent if she loses the party nomination!

How about this scenario: Hilary runs as an Independent to provide an option to disenfranchised Democrats and Ron Paul or Mitt Romney run as Independents to provide an option for disenfranchised Republicans.

I, like most conservative Republicans, would love to have a viable alternative to the ding-bat McCain.

Comment Posted By DrKrbyLuv On 14.05.2008 @ 16:39


Ed - Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post (see post #13)- You responded that "Hezbullah did not defeat the Israelis. I’m surprised you fell for that propaganda."

The fact that Hezbollah withstood Israel's 2006 military invasion was indeed a huge victory. They stood their ground until Israel retreated without meeting any real objectives.

The Israeli people saw this as a defeat and demanded to know what went wrong. The Winograd Commission “was established to respond to the bad feelings of the Israeli public of a crisis and disappointment caused by the results of the 2nd Lebanon war, and from the way it was managed by the political and military echelons; and the wish to draw lessons from the failings of the war and its flaws.”

No doubt Israel could have won the war had they been willing to inflict serious collateral damage (Hezbollah positioned rocket/missile launchers in civilian areas). To their credit, Israeli humanitarian concerns compromised the military effort and a possible victory.

Hezbullah is stronger than ever. They now control the Lebanese government and the media. The Lebanese population relies on their benevolence.

Comment Posted By DrKrbyLuv On 12.05.2008 @ 10:29

“One of us – Israel or the United States – will almost certainly be compelled to bomb the Iranian nuclear infrastructure – unless the world community, including Russia and China, make a 180 degree turn regarding the seriousness with which they take the Iranian program” Rick Moran

It seems to me that this is a rather arrogant position at odds with recent facts. The US is already engaged in military conflict with Iran; albeit via proxies, and we are losing.

Iran defies the US saber rattling by stepping up their efforts to develop nuclear weapons. They send weapons and expertise to the “insurgents” in Iraq to kill American and British soldiers. And now, Iran’s proxy in Lebanon; Hezbollah, has taken control of the media and government. Hezbollah can now prepare for war with Israel in earnest within the safety of their new “State within a State” status.

The US and Israel are losing. The fact is that the US can do nothing unilaterally and Israel will surely invite a deadly war at their doorstep. We should remember that Hezbollah is the only military force that has actually fought and beat the Israeli army (2006).

Andy mentioned in his insightful post (number 7) that negotiating seems to be the best way forward. I agree and think it is time we recognize that US gun boat diplomacy only works if the gun boat isn’t sinking.

Hezbullah did not defeat the Israelis. I'm surprised you fell for that propaganda. At wars end, Israel had 15,000 men moving west from the Litani river about to crush the Hez fighters in that pocket. They Israelis also killed at least 3 times as many of the enemy as they lost - a sure sign of battlefield superiority.

The perception of an Israeli defeat - the Winograd Commission called it a "disappointment" - is spread by people like you who somehow believe talking with the Iranians (or Hezbullah) will halt their development of weapons or modify their behavior. Ask the Siniora government about talking to Hezbullah - they've been doing it for more than a year and have gotten absolutely nowhere. Meanwhile, the Hez rearmed and planned the current coup. As for the Iranians, the Big Three EU countries negotiated with them for three years and it didn't stop or slow them down one bit in their enrichment program.

These are international actors the likes of which the world has not seen before. The burden of proof is on those who say Iran is open to negotiations and will alter their behavior if only we aren't so beastly to them. To do the opposite is madness.


Comment Posted By DrKrbyLuv On 11.05.2008 @ 11:33

I don’t think U.S. or ‘friendly” intelligence agencies have enough credibility to be believed without producing a ton of solid evidence – thanks to the Iraq WMD charade.

And, what can the U.S. do anyways? Our military is stretched to the breaking point. Our economy cannot sustain the huge costs of another invasion or the consequences of possible interruptions in the flow of oil out of the gulf.

Iran knows the Bush administration has become a barking dog with no teeth. Israel will have to tackle this on their own.

Comment Posted By DrKrbyLuv On 7.05.2008 @ 15:57

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