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I'm a Luddite and I can't link. So: Google Middlebury College AGW- Fact or Hoax and it'll be on the first page.

Comment Posted By Dr. Fred in PA On 26.12.2008 @ 20:14

Although I see no inherent conflict between belief in God and The Big Bang (He certainly could have created it) I do agree that ID should not be in a science class. As to global warming, well, sorry, but it's not (warming, that is). There is an excellent monograph on this subject written by Dr. James Paden at Middlebury College in VT. It's a little heavy on physics and chemistry but it's explained well. The bottom line is that global warming is almost certainly a load of crap that is entirely based on computer models, cooked up by Dr. Michael Mann and taken downfield by Al Gore, et al.

Comment Posted By Dr. Fred in PA On 26.12.2008 @ 13:52

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