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I second what you have said about tasking of collection assets. I know nothing more than any interested citizen about the water-pesticide findings, but the similarity of the chemical precursors and the similarity in manufacturing makes me suspicious about the consistent findings of our soldiers and marines.

Also, I think that the culinary institute had an agenda that was consistently hostile to Bush, and that this tainted even normal analytical work. Let's face it Scheuer could not have published his nonsense without high level suppport and clearance, and has any book ever gone through the vetting process as fast as Mikey's? One final thing, the Plame-Wilson-Niger business reeked of a third-rate black op, a blue on blue one. I suspect if we did not have a war on now the institute would be gutted and rebooted.

Comment Posted By Donkatsu On 24.08.2006 @ 20:31

correction, even if I were really Donkatsu, I would know how to spell "surprised."

Comment Posted By Donkatsu On 24.08.2006 @ 16:20

Unfortunately, Bush-hatred must blind many to what is in front of their faces. For the life of me I never understood the absolute lack of interest by the MSM in the "pesticide residue" findings. You would think that some one out there would be interested in a Pulitzer for the story. As for the ISG, I assume that this is a part of the deep illness of incompetence and political interference that has overtaken the CIA, with hacks like Larry Johnson and Michael Scheuer representing the cream of the recent crop of clowns.

FWIW, it always seemed to me that Ramzy Yousef and KSM were probably phony people invented by Saddam's intelligence service, once they got hold of the embassies in Kuwait in 1990, with their stocks of passports. I would be surpursed if there were not more of these Kuwait-created Baluchis running around with AQ.

Comment Posted By Donkatsu On 24.08.2006 @ 16:18

I recall reading that wherever the Marines tested surface water in Iraq for drinkability they got high levels of "pesticide residues". This was back in 2003, and I immediately thought that this must be from hurriedly buried nerve agents, since the agricultural sector in Saddam's Iraq was not prolific.

Comment Posted By Donkatsu On 24.08.2006 @ 14:46

Dale, Clarice,
For what it's worth, I know from personal experience that the operations directorate was scouring the world for WMD programs in the 1980s, including activities of allied countries. Some programs were discovered and others were "discouraged".

Comment Posted By Donkatsu On 24.08.2006 @ 14:44

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