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Count me among those who believe we are in Iraq and Afghanistan to put pressure on Iran. I believe the Administration thought that BEING THERE WOULD BE ENOUGH. The Cheney wing, anyway. (Remember "we will be welcomed with flowers, as liberators", and "our war in Iraq will be paid for with Iraqi oil"? Same group. The goal was noble, the wisdom perhaps terrible.

Well, we are there in Iraq and Afghanistan, but being there has not been enough for handling Iran. In fact, Iran is operating with complete impunity, arrogance, and freedom. Iran just keeps on winning. We have a choice to make: Begin applying serious pressure, including military pressure, or leave.

No one wants violent war. Yet, looking at the alternatives, this may be a case where the violence of an all-out war is by far the best choice. Count me in, then, among those who expect a war against Iran to begin sometime in the year following our November elections.

Comment Posted By DevX On 20.08.2006 @ 20:03

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