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I’m going to demand the airline security screeners produce a warrant next time they try to search me.

After all, if it’s “unreasonable” to listen in on phone conversations without a warrant when one end of the conversation is terrorist-connected, then surely in is unreasonable to search me, who just wants to make it back to the east coast to visit my family.

I think you meant this sarcastically but actually you are right on the money. There is no reason for you to be searched before going on a plane. Maybe if the people on the planes during the 9/11 tragedy had been armed with civil liberties and a few weapons, they might still be alive. Unfortunately only the terrorists had box cutters and that hideously small weapon put them in control.

Let the criminals run where they may, preferrably right into granny with her sawed-off shotgun under her shawl on the porch

Comment Posted By Debs On 18.08.2006 @ 13:54

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