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Regardless if it is Obama or Hillary, when it comes to NAFTA, both of them have familiarity with saying what did not happen; as well as what they do not mean.

They are as big an embarrasment to the United States as former Member of Parliament Carolyn Parrish who said, "Damn Americans, I hate the bastards".

The banality of it is - this is hardly the first time NAFTA was used as a whipping boy in the United States.

Comment Posted By David W. Lincoln On 3.03.2008 @ 18:37


The central point of his handsome tribute, as far as I can tell is, "nothing contrary to reason".

In that, William Buckley was very much a son of the Church of Rome.

I daresay the vastness of his life is in spite of that central point.

For, there is more to life than what can be explained. This is the lesson I take from the life of William Buckley.

Comment Posted By David W. Lincoln On 27.02.2008 @ 18:29

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