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Your posts is a bit off on your history.

First off, Rosa Parks was a national effort. The NAACP and every other civil rights organization had been looking for the right candidate to support. About 6 months previous to Rosa Parks another woman refused to give up her seat. But she had a child out of wedlock and they figured that the racists would use that to hammer her with. So while Rosa Parks on her own refused to give up her seat - it was a very careful national decision to make her their symbol.

Second, once the bus boycott started, it was a national effort. Every civil rights organization and supporter lined up to back it. The P.R. effort did not bubble up from the grass roots in Alabama, it came from the top down and in the media outside the South.

As to the small (but growing) contingnet present in Crawford - look back to LBJ and the Vietnam war. One year there were about 25 - 50 people demonstrating outside his ranch. A year later there were demonstrations of 250,000.

Will this be the tipping point that causes a groundswell against the war? Who knows. But just while it would be dumb to be it is, it would also be dumb to bet it isn't. Because when the citizens of this country decides it wants it's troops to come home - they will have to come home.

Finally, while I agree totally that someone does not have to serve in the military to set our policy (after all, Bill Clinton did not serve), it does bother me that none of the present leadership has children in the military.

So it's more of a statistics question - why is it none of them have their children serving? After all, all 4 of FDR's children served during WWII - in combat.

- dave

Comment Posted By David Thielen On 21.08.2005 @ 13:49

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