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And one more thing: I want to know why in hell it took our national news media 5 months to report the fact that on September 11, 2008 there was a $550 BILLION run on electronic money market accounts in the U.S.

Why ? This news isn't conservative or democrat. Doesn't favor one party over the other. It's just really big news. I'm just a regular working guy, so why did it take all of this time to report this huge news to me ? These idiots can't even report important news anymore. Too busy attacking Sarah Palin's family, Rush Limbaugh or others who are successful.

When attacking conservative success becomes more important than reporting the news, there's only one decent description left for these "progressives". Evil.

Comment Posted By DaveinPhoenix On 16.02.2009 @ 07:30

"these wealthy right-wing owners "

-Right. That's why 7 out of ten of the wealthiest members of congress are democrats. 13 of the top twenty wealthiest members of congress are democrats. We're talking tens of millions of dollars here too. Big money. Obama and his disciples raised the largest amount of money in American history during his campaign.

With all this Democratic money floating around, then there's plenty of cash to start up their own radio empire. The sad fact is that no one wants to listen to nonsense.

This "conservative media conspiracy" is more nonsense. They have: NBC, CBS, ABC and most of the print media in America. The fact that many of these are failing only shows how unpopular their message is. These people destroy everything they touch.

And if I hear the word "progressive" applied to these creeps one more time, I think I'll puke. Since when is burdening our grandchildren with tons of national debt and a lower standard of living "progressive" ?

These are the worlds most hypocritical tantrum throwing cry babies hard at work doing what they do best: rewarding failure and punishing success. Can't imagine why America is in such dire straits......

Comment Posted By DaveinPhoenix On 16.02.2009 @ 07:11


This sounds like the same nonsense that goes like: "the global cooling is actually caused by global warming".... WTF ??? Bush is either more stupid than I ever thought or incredibly evil. I'm trying to figure out which one....I just feel bad 'cause I voted for the loser TWICE. Maybe I'm the stupid one. Anyway, I'm off to destroy my computer so I can save 'bout we all vote NO incumbents in the future so we can save America ?

Comment Posted By DaveinPhoenix On 17.12.2008 @ 21:41


So, all these terrorist attacks around the world which have killed thousands since the 80's has been "a product of the U.S. war on terrorism" ? Oh, really ? So our war on terror which began after 2001 can be blamed on all the attacks prior to that time ? Is this like a time warp, dude ? Am I like traveling backward in time, man ? Like wow, dude.....totally cooool, man. Wow.

My questions are: Are there any thinking, logical Americans remaining ? Is there something in the water supply which is causing many juvenile, ignorant Americans to believe this non-sense ?

The sad fact is that there are large groups of people in this world who are willing to strap a bomb to the backs of their own children in order to kill people. It's not about religion, it's not about politics, it's not about advancing a cause. It's murder. And it's evil.

Comment Posted By DaveinPhoenix On 1.12.2008 @ 22:16

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